Who makes the best fiberglass replacement windows?


Built with Ultrex® fiberglass, Infinity windows and doors are the perfect choice for any remodeling or replacement project. They’re tough, beautiful and extremely durable.

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Denver Fiberglass windows from Gravina's Window Cente

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Denver Fiberglass windows from Gravina's Window Cente

Built with Ultrex® fiberglass, Infinity windows and doors are the perfect choices for any remodeling or replacement project. They’re tough, beautiful and extremely durable.

These are the facts:  Ultrex Fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than composites. That’s as tough as steel. So when a house settles and time marches on, Infinity replacement windows stay true and resist sagging—proving that they’re truly the best fiberglass window on the market.

Ultrex fiberglass gives homeowners windows and doors that are...

• Low Maintenance – Ultrex performs beautifully for years to come, with a finish that requires virtually no maintenance.

• Energy Efficient – Ultrex’s minimal thermal conductivity serves as a built-in insulated barrier against the elements – reducing heating and cooling costs.

• ENERGY STAR® certified – The Energy Department estimates that by installing ENERGY STAR-rated products, the average U.S. household can reduce its annual energy bill by 15 percent.

• Environmentally Friendly – Ultrex takes less energy to create – about 80 percent less than aluminum and about 40 percent less than vinyl. Also, it’s made mostly of glass, which is made from sand and gravel – a plentiful resource.

• Beautifully Designed – Made by wood window experts at Marvin, Integrity features traditional profiles and details that are more attractive than the “flat” appearance of other materials. Ultrex ensures it will stay beautiful for years to come.



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We think it goes without saying that Infinity windows, made from Ultrex fiberglass, are the best fiberglass windows on the market.


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Is it time to start using fiberglass replacement windows in your home?

"High Fiber"

Michael Anschel is not a fan of vinyl windows, but he loves wood. “Wood requires very little additional energy to manipulate,” says the principal of Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build in Minneapolis. “It is stored carbon, it can be easily handled when its useful life has ended, and it is beautiful.”

But if Anschel had to compromise, he would go with fiberglass.

“I feel better about fiberglass,” Anschel says. “The expansion and contraction of the frame material and the glass are closer, so durability is increased. They are more stable overall, and failures seem less likely.”

Fiberglass windows have been around for a while, but in recent years the product has achieved a higher profile. Because of the many benefits, manufacturers say it’s the perfect material for windows.

“The superior characteristics of fiberglass that make our lives mobile, safer, and convenient are the same qualities that contribute to making a solid, long-lasting window,” says Dave Koester, wood and fiberglass products brand manager at Medford, Wis.–based Weather Shield Windows & Doors. “It’s energy efficient, durable, and doesn’t become brittle. It’s also resistant to water, scratches, dents, and corrosion.”

Strength is one of the most oft-reported benefits of fiberglass. Warroad, Minn.–based Marvin Windows and Doors says its Integrity brand of Ultrex fiberglass windows is as strong as steel and is eight times stronger than vinyl. “In fact, it’s so tough, we have to use diamond-edged blades just to cut it to size,” the company says.

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Fiberglass also is a good energy-efficiency option. The Energy Department says fiberglass windows have air cavities similar to vinyl and when “these cavities are filled with insulation, they offer superior thermal performance compared to wood or vinyl.”

So if fiberglass windows are so great, why aren’t they more popular? Cost might be the main reason.

“Because of its durability, fiberglass is the most expensive window material on the market,” says the Seattle-based window dealer Keystone Windows and Doors. In other words, manufacturers charge a premium for the material.

Sizes and features are also limited. John Kirchner, public relations manager for Marvin, confirms that there are limitations “due to the strength and durability of the fiberglass making it difficult to bend and shape.” Round tops or radius windows are not possible, he adds.

Still, if you can work around those constraints, fiberglass offers features and attributes that your home buyers will love. Moreover, it has “the benefit of being able to mimic the appearance of wood, which improves consumers’ acceptance of the product,” Anschel says.

Original article from 2012 at BuilderOnline.com

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