Create interest and add drama to any room with the simple arrangement of three windows set into the Marvin Infinity® Bay. Along with low-maintenance interior and exterior, you will enjoy the expanded views.

The Infinity Bay can work into any part of your home with two angle options of 30˚ and 45˚. Select Double Hung or Casement windows for your Bay with head and seat boards built-in.

Head and seat boards are included in bare Pine (or optional Oak) to allow for staining or painting to match your home's interior. Infinity's bow replacement window brings added beauty and light to your home.

Your home will enjoy the low-maintenance interior and exterior while you enjoy the expanded views. From a small sunlit area for plants to an expansive reading nook, the Infinity Fiberglass Bay replacement window will enhance the beauty of your home!

Increasing character and adding more daylight to your home can be a simple process and worry free for years to come with Infinity from Marvin®.