How to Burgler Proof Your Windows

Did you know a majority of home robberies occur during broad daylight? 

Burglars, who break into the home are most likely to break in through doors first. The next choice for them would obviously be to break in through the windows.

home security tips

1. Keep your doors and windows locked

You would be surprised how many homeowners leave their windows or doors unlocked when the leave.  Don't be that person.

2. Inspect the garage door

When inspecting your garage door make sure it is locked and the cord is not reachable if you have glass on the upper panels.

4. Window Sensors

Adding window sensors can be done with electronic devices that make loud noises.

5. Increase Visibility

Trimming bushes and other obstacles that block your windows will help increase outside visibility.  This gives fewer areas for trespassers sneak into your home and break in.  For a nighttime deterrent add motion sensing lights to the exterior.

6. Add auxiliary locks to sliding windows or doors

There are aftermarket lock systems you can add to door or windows.

7. Upgrade to New Windows

 You feel like the current windows and doors you own don't meet your safety needs, we highly recommend that you consider replacing them.


Anything Else?

There are a lot of other options to help burglar-proof your windows such as laminated or bulletproof glass, video surveillance with night vision security cameras, Monitored 3rd Party home security systems.  Our list could go on and on.   If you don't want to do DIY home security, then we recommend hiring a certified locksmith or home security company to find your home's weak spots.  No matter where you live can always protect your family and valuables a little bit better.