What are the different window types for my home?


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What are the different window types available today? Why does it matter?

When homeowners need advice on window replacement products it's nice to have an idea of the basics.

When it comes to replacing residential windows, the rule of thumb is to keep the same layout as your existing windows. What I mean by that is if you have a sliding window in the kitchen, replace it with a gliding window again. If you have a casement window in the bedroom, keep it the same. There are several reasons for this:

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  • Continuity - When replacing your windows, you want to maintain the original architectural plans of the home if possible. Unless you want to do something drastic, keep the windows the same type.
  • HOA - Sometimes the dreaded "Homeowner's Associations" require homeowners to keep their home the same as when they bought, so as to maintain the neighborhood aesthetics similar as originally planned.
  • Egress - Sometimes, when a homeowner wants to change the design of their windows, they may want to change a casement window into a double hung. Maybe they got tired of replacing the frame hardware over the years and thought when they buy replacement windows they will switch that window to a double hung. Sounds harmless, unless it is in a bedroom and it should meet safety code for a fire escape. This is an example of egress and cannot be modified, even if you want that double hung.

There are more reasons than this, of course, but this gives you a general idea what needs to be clear before choosing what window "types" are available. Choose wisely so that you are not forced to buy another window if you should choose the wrong type of your home.

What are the different window types for my home?


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