How to Clean Infinity Windows

Learn more about how easy it is to clean your Infinity replacement windows and doors.


We’re making it easier for you to buy replacement windows and doors by sharing what to expect after your window and door installation.

Here are our recommended instructions for keeping your new Infinity fiberglass windows and doors sparkling and looking new:

Label Removal

  • Labels and adhesive residue should be removed from the glass as soon as possible after installation.
  • If a label does not release from the glass quickly, use an approved cleaning solution to help remove it.
  • Do not remove labels while exposed to direct sunlight and do not let cleaning agents come in contact with weatherstrip or finishes, as they could cause damage.

Glass Cleaning Tips


For routine cleaning, we recommend using a 30% white vinegar and 70% water premixed cleaning solution. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towels to wipe clean, rubbing in different directions. If there is any residual streaking, rinse with clear water and wipe again.

Ammonia-free glass cleaners such as Windex® also produce good results.


Rinse windows and doors first if there is excessive dirt and debris. Thoroughly dry water and/or cleaning solution from glass and all window surfaces.

    • Avoid cleaning glass while it is in direct sunlight, especially tinted and coated surfaces, to prevent streaking.·
    • Avoid any cleaning product that has a strong chemical base or a high alcohol content, as chemical reactions could damage components.·
    • Wipe any remaining traces of cleaning solution from glass and other parts of the window and frame.·
    • Don’t use abrasive cleaning solutions or materials, don’t allow metal parts of cleaning equipment to touch the glass, and don’t use abrasives of any kind.

Screen Cleaning

  • Carefully remove the screen and lay it on a flat, clean area.
  • Remove any dust by lightly spraying the screen with water from a hose or vacuuming with a soft brush extension.
  • Instead of drying with a cloth, let the screen air-dry completely before reinstalling. For doors, remove and replace screens from the exterior.

Approved Glass Cleaners:

  • Glass Plus® Glass Cleaner
  • Green Works® Original Scent Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Rain-X® Automotive Glass Cleaner
  • Spray-X® Foaming Glass Cleaner
  • Windex® Glass Cleaner with Ammonia
  • Windex® Original
  • Windex® Powerized Original
  • Zep® Ammonia-Free Concentrate Glass Cleaner
  • Zep® Foaming Glass Cleaner
  • Zep® Streak-Free Glass Cleaner


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