Marvin Infinity Casement Windows Denver CO


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Elevate Your Denver Home with Marvin Infinity Casement Windows


Indulge in Unmatched Luxury: Elevate Your Home with Marvin Infinity Casement Windows. Experience the Pinnacle of Elegance, Efficiency, and Endurance.

Energy Efficiency: With windows crafted for optimal energy efficiency, you can seamlessly balance comfort and cost savings, keeping your home cozy while reducing heating and cooling expenses.

Durability: Embrace lasting luxury with windows engineered to withstand the harshest elements, ensuring a timeless investment that demands minimal maintenance.

Aesthetics: Immerse your living spaces in opulence. Our customizable designs redefine sophistication, enhancing your home's allure both inside and out.

Noise Reduction: Revel in tranquility. Our premium windows create a haven of peace by minimizing external noise, providing the utmost serenity.

Security: Elevate your sense of security with advanced locking systems and robust materials, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary of safety and luxury.

Ventilation: Embrace fresh, controlled airflow. Our Casement windows offer unparalleled ventilation options, harmonizing comfort and elegance.

Low Maintenance: Simplify your life with easy-to-clean, low-maintenance windows, catering to the demands of your busy, luxurious lifestyle.

UV Protection: Safeguard your investments. Our windows shield your home from harmful UV rays, preserving the richness of your furniture and flooring.

Customization: Unleash your vision. Tailor our windows to match your unique architectural style and design preferences, creating a bespoke masterpiece.

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a robust warranty, a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of luxury, where every detail reflects your discerning taste. Marvin Infinity Casement Windows — Elevating Elegance, Ensuring Excellence.




The Infinity from Marvin Casement window is highly rated by JD Power and offers a stunning, unobstructed view thanks to its sleek design and pivoting sash.  Infinity's experienced engineers have carefully improved their casement windows to prevent wind and water infiltration, ensuring excellent energy efficiency and effortless operation for your convenience. Enjoy the beauty of nature in your living space with this remarkable window.





Are the Marvin Casement windows from Infinity energy efficient?

The casement window by Infinity from Marvin is equipped with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, specifically engineered to endure the harsh weather conditions of Colorado and withstand the test of time. Unlike vinyl and wood/vinyl composite materials that may warp or deteriorate in extreme temperature changes, Ultrex provides consistent performance all year round. These windows are highly resistant to heat and cold, ensuring dependable performance throughout the seasons.

Infinity from Marvin Casement windows easy to clean

Many homeowners find that Infinity from Marvin Casement windows are more user-friendly when it comes to cleaning compared to other window options. The Infinity Casement window combines beauty with virtually easy operation. The standard Easy Wash® hinge is just that, a design that lets you easily clean the window inside and out. The optional Clear View® hinge provides an optimal viewing area. Infinity Casement windows, made of Ultrex® fiberglass, feature folding handles that tuck easily out of the way of most window treatments and deliver a clean, finished look.  Like we said…EASY!

Can I trust that Infinity casement windows are safe?

The Infinity Casement window confidently offers a folding handle and multi-point locking system, seamlessly blending in with any window treatment. Effortless operation is a given, thanks to both the primary and secondary locks that draw the sash towards the frame, providing a secure seal against air and water infiltration. With these impressive features, the Infinity Casement window stands as an effective first line of defense against the elements.

Screen Options for Infinity Casement Windows

Infinity casement windows come standard with an aluminum-surround full screen with fiberglass mesh or choose the optional Hi-Transparency screen with finer mesh. With the Hi-Transparency screen option, you’ll be amazed at what you see – and what you don’t see.

Consider the EverWood® option

Are you searching for a screen that gives the appearance of wood frames and perfectly matches your interior trim, but without the maintenance that usually accompanies wood? Look no further than Infinity's Everwood screen - an excellent choice that offers the perfect balance of style and convenience.