Infinity From Marvin Gliding Window



If your old sliders don’t slide anymore, or you have space where a swinging sash would be in the way, the Infinity Glider is the perfect solution. These durable, energy-efficient windows operate smoothly and seal tightly against air and water infiltration. Made with tough, dependable Ultrex fiberglass inside and out.


Infinity Gliding Window


This versatile Infinity Gliding Window is the ideal answer when you’re looking for simple operation, energy efficiency and reliable performance.


  • Sash rollers provide effortless operation
  • Available in left, right or triple sash configurations

Infinity Triple Sash Sliding Window


Introducing EverWood, our revolutionary interior wood grain finish that looks, feels, paints and stains like wood, yet is made of an inorganic material for years of lasting beauty.


EverWood Engineered Wood Finish

A smooth operating space-saver

The sash rollers allow this durable, energy-efficient window to operate effortlessly and seal tightly against air and water infiltration. Made with tough, dependable Ultrex® fiberglass inside and out, our Gliders are virtually maintenance free.


How It Works

Cleaning the glass in the Infinity Glider window is simple, with tilt latches that allow you to remove the operating sash for easy access.

How Gliding Windows Work

The Infinity Gliding window combines state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic style. Advanced engineering and the highest quality construction make this window incredibly durable, versatile, and easy to use.



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