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Fiberglass Entry Door Systems Built for Colorado


Therma-Tru's entry and patio door products are made with superior engineering and quality materials for entry and patio doors of durability and enduring beauty.

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Choosing Therma-Tru isn’t about just selecting a door. It’s about designing an inspired entrance. Creating a look everyone will love. And having confidence that it will perform for years to come.

Whether it’s Classic or Contemporary – or somewhere in between – Therma-Tru offers virtually unlimited choices to complement the architecture of a home and a homeowner’s sense of style.  But it’s more than the beauty that makes Therma-Tru the brand building professionals prefer most.*

With more than 50 years of industry experience and technical know-how, we’ve built a reputation for delivering high-quality, low-maintenance exterior door products for the whole house – from entry to patio.  We invented the fiberglass door because we believe it combines the best characteristics of wood and steel – beauty and performance – without the compromises. And we remain committed to making smart, innovative new products that are better and more beautiful every year.

Whatever the entrance needs – from energy efficiency to security – your search ends here. You’ll find a wide range of durable and reliable Therma-Tru® products built to meet the needs of the home and the homeowner's lifestyle.

Superior Engineering and Enduring Beauty

Classic Craft® Collection

An inspired blend of precision engineering and architectural character



Fiber-Classic® Collection



Smooth-Star® Collection




A Therma-Tru door with genuine Therma-Tru components is more than a beautiful door – it’s a door system. One that offers uncompromising quality, inside and out. We manufacture or specify every aspect – from the glass to the hinges – all engineered with craftsman precision for durability and reliability through the years. So you can be confident that it will perform as exceptionally as it looks.

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door store denver

door store denver

door store denver

Disclaimer:  If the Product is installed in (i) a new residential dwelling and the first occupant owns the dwelling or (ii) an existing owner-occupied residential dwelling, and in each case, at the time of installation such owner is also responsible for Product replacement, then that owner is a Residential Warranty Holder. For example, assume the Product is installed in a condominium unit (a “dwelling”) in a multiresident building. If the first occupant of the condominium unit is the first owner of that unit and is also responsible for Product replacement, then that owner is a Residential Warranty Holder; however, if the owner is not the first occupant or if someone else other than the owner (for example, the condominium association) is responsible for Product replacement, then the owner is not a Residential Warranty Holder.
For continued warranty coverage, all fiberglass Therma-Tru door systems (Products) must be finished within 6 months of the installation date; and all steel Therma-Tru door systems (Products) must be finished within several days of the installation date. However, all bare or unprotected wood surfaces (such as door frames) on all steel and fiberglass Products (including any bare or unprotected wood surfaces used or exposed by builders, contractors, dealers, or distributors on or in conjunction with the Products) should be primed and painted, or stained and top coated within the lesser of 2 weeks of installation or exposure to weather. All doors must have all 6 sides finished. (Note: If a genuine Therma-Tru door bottom sweep (gasket) is properly applied by the builder, contractor, dealer, or distributor to the bottom edge of the door, then only the 5 remaining sides of the door require finishing.) For all doors, sides, top and bottom must be inspected and maintained as regularly as the front and back face surfaces. All PVC lite frames and simulated divided lite bars must be finished within 30 days of installation and are not recommended for use behind storm doors or if exposed to direct sunlight to be painted dark colors.
Improper or untimely finishing of the Product by the Warranty Holder or its agents (i) increases the chance for Product damage of the type which is NOT COVERED by this Limited Warranty and (ii) increases the preparatory work that must be performed by the Warranty Holder or its agents in order to properly finish and maintain the Product in a manner not inconsistent with Therma-Tru’s recommendations and instructions.