Double Hung Windows by Infinity from Marvin

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Infinity from Marvin Double Hung Window

Marvin Designed

A classic window style, the Infinity Double Hung is updated for modern performance. Tilt the window in for easy cleaning, and enjoy how smoothly your new window will open and close for the perfect amount of fresh air.

When Marvin designed the Infinity Double Hung Window, they added all the character and traditional details of wood windows — with a sleek frame for contemporary appeal. Thoughtful touches like easy tilt operation mean you’ll be able to clean your Infinity Double Hung Windows from the interior of your home.


Easy Window Tilt Operation & Cleaning

Tired of fighting your double hung windows?   It is so frustrating to open and close them, and if you try to prop them open, you better make sure your hands don't get smashed.  The Infinity from Marvin Double Hung Window is the easy answer to your problem. The operation is effortless and smooth.  In fact, it is one of the easiest double hung windows to operate on the market. If you struggle to lift open your single or double-hung windows or have to use a dictionary to keep them propped open, you’ll be amazed at the smooth, effortless operation of the Infinity Double Hung Windows. The strength and stability of our Ultrex® fiberglass frame mean your new Infinity windows will open and close effortlessly for years to come.

Window Options

Infinity Double Hung windows are available in a variety of assembly options. A window assembly consists of two or more windows mulled (attached) together. A local Infinity Window expert can talk you through double hung configuration possibilities.


Interior Finishes

We offer a variety of exterior colors to suit any home’s style. We use a proprietary acrylic finish on our Ultrex® fiberglass that’s virtually impermeable to help protect your investment from wind, weather and color fading.


Exterior Finishes

We use the same acrylic finish on our interior as on our exterior for superior performance. Or choose EverWood®, our stainable engineered wood grain finish, to blend seamlessly with your existing décor. All offer virtually no maintenance — just remarkably reliable performance.


Performance Glass Packages

Low E3 -  is formulated to reject solar heat while letting light in, resulting in increased performance in climates with intense sun exposure. Low E3 has three layers of metallic coating.

Low E3/ERS - With an extra metallic layer on the room-side glass to reflect escaping heat back into the room, Low E3/ERS provides maximum efficiency year-round in all conditions. Low E3 has four layers of metallic coating.


Grilles/Divided Lites

We offer various divided lite patterns so you can replicate the look of your original windows and doors - or add new architectural interest to your home. Ask your local Infinity from Marvin window retailer about additional patterns and style options.


Add the finishing touch with our variety of hardware finish options.



We offer two screen options — our Standard, a durable aluminum-surround screen with fiberglass mesh, or Hi Transparency for a clearer, brighter view.


Double Hung Window - 3 Wide Mull