Infinity from Marvin Double Hung Windows

Infinity from Marvin Double Hung Window

A Thing of Beauty

When Marvin designed the Infinity Double Hung Window, they added all the character and traditional details of wood windows — with a sleek frame for contemporary appeal. Thoughtful touches like easy tilt operation mean you’ll be able to clean your Infinity Double Hung Windows from the interior of your home.



Easy Tilt Operation

Tired of fighting your double hung windows?   It is so frustrating to open and close them, and if you try to prop them open, you better make sure your hands don't get smashed.  The Infinity from Marvin Double Hung Window is the easy answer to your problem. The operation is effortless and smooth.  In fact, it is one of the easiest double hung windows to operate on the market. If you struggle to lift open your single or double-hung windows or have to use a dictionary to keep them propped open, you’ll be amazed at the smooth, effortless operation of the Infinity Double Hung Windows. The strength and stability of our Ultrex® fiberglass frame mean your new Infinity windows will open and close effortlessly for years to come.




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