How to Secure Your Home On a Budget


How to Secure Your Home On a Budget

No matter where you live or what you own, having proper home security is crucial to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. When most people think of home security, they imagine an expensive setup for things like high-tech devices and more. Thankfully, it’s possible to get quality home security on a budget to keep your home safe without spending a ton of your hard-earned money. This guide offers you some easy and affordable alternatives so you can choose home secure solutions that work for you without breaking the bank.

How much does home security cost?

Here are a few things to consider when factoring home much security for your home will cost:

  • Security system plans: Many providers offer plans that include everything like equipment, installation, and ongoing monitoring. The average cost for this service is approximately $10 to $50 per month.
  • Equipment: Security equipment is usually the biggest cost and includes things like cameras and alarms. Plan to pay around $100 to $400 for each camera and/or each piece of equipment.
  • Installation and activation: Professional installation and activation of your new system should set you back around $200 to $300 when hiring a professional technician.
  • Monitoring: This monthly service costs $25 to $50 per month and alerts the local authorities if a breach or fire has been detected.
  • Permits and maintenance: You likely won’t need a permit to have home security, but expect to pay between $10 and $50 per year for maintenance like replacing batteries or service calls.

Affordable alternatives to secure your home

  • You can have affordable home security without spending a lot of money, but there are some basic things you’ll need to stay secure.

o   Essential equipment includes cameras, a video doorbell, and an alarm system.

o   Monitored home security systems cost a monthly fee, but they alert you and the authorities if something goes wrong. Unmonitored systems cost nothing, but you’re responsible for keeping track of what’s going on in and around your home.

o   Installing a wired system may cost you less than a wireless one because the equipment usually costs less, and wired equipment is more reliable and stable. If you’re planning to move, choose wireless options so you can take your equipment with you.

o   If you’re installing home security DIY, research the best affordable equipment available. Consider going wireless since it doesn’t require any electrical knowledge or skill to install.

  • There are ways to find affordable alternatives to keep your home secure.

o   Every home security system should have at least one camera. You can find wireless cameras online for an affordable price.

o   If you’re going the cheap route, make sure your cameras are at least high resolution and come with an app so you can check on the footage remotely.

o   Look for deals on security equipment online, and check during major sales like Black Friday to get the best price. The end of summer is another good time to look for great deals.

o   Check with a few local security companies to find out if they offer a decent rate for monitored plans, as many small businesses provide affordable prices to local residents.

o   Used or refurbished wireless cameras are usually cheaper than brand-new ones. When buying a used camera, make sure it’s factory certified and that you buy it from a reputable reseller or retailer instead of an individual.

o   Window and door alarms are affordable and often come as a multipack so you can alarm several areas at once. Look at big box retail and home improvement stores to find affordable options.

  • Motion-activated or motion-detecting lighting is a great way to secure your home on a budget.

o   Try solar motion-activated outdoor lights to help you save on energy while keeping your home illuminated and more secure.

o   Try an outdoor camera that has a motion-activated light built into it. A camera-light combination with spotlights and sirens is even better and is a great deterrent to criminals.



September 23, 2022

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