Infinity Everwood Interior for Gravinas Window Center

Now you can enjoy the natural appearance of wood without all the maintenance. Everwood is an Infinity-exclusive wood grain interior finish that can be stained to match your existing woodwork. It looks and feels like real wood, but doesn't require the sanding, scraping, or refinishing of wood.

everwood interior from marvin windows



Long-lasting EverWood is made from an inorganic material, and it won’t absorb moisture or decay over time. There’s no warping, discoloration, material degradation, expansion, or contraction, just remarkably reliable performance and lasting beauty year after year. EverWood is only available on our strong, durable Ultrex® fiberglass


Visit us today to see EverWood, the revolutionary, durable, low-maintenance interior finish that looks and stains like real wood.  


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