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EverWood Interior

Everwood Interior from Infinity

Infinity from Marvin EverWood

So you want to update the look of your home's wood windows but avoid all the hassle of maintaining them? Infinity windows from Marvin are here for you! EverWood - their breakthrough engineered interior finish - offers a stunningly realistic wood grain and feel without requiring extensive maintenance. Change your windows while keeping things worry-free – Everwood will let you have exactly what you've been dreaming about in no time.

Wood windows have adorned homes for centuries, and they were built initially by craftsmen with an artisans touch.  Now modern-day wood windows continue to convey that sense of hand craftsmanship and are often selected for their traditional detail and their ability to be stained. When you stain a real wood window that adds warmth, beauty, and charm to a home.  Upholding that charm and beauty long term is going to require periodic care and preservation.




Reproduce the Look of Traditional Wood Windows

With EverWood, no more worrying about moisture or decay; this inorganic material ensures remarkable reliability and lasting elegance for years to come! Take advantage of its natural look to match existing décor or explore a whole new design direction - either way, you can trust it's quality construction when upgrading any space.

• Infinity Windows with the EverWood Interior provide the classic look of wooden windows without the upkeep and maintenance.
• Everwood mimics the timeless and elegant style of wood replacements.
• Homeowners get beauty, functionality, and lasting durability with Everwood.
• Production plants located in America ensure durable windows that last year after year.

That means you'll enjoy the remarkably reliable performance and lasting attractiveness.



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