James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding


Unrivaled Value of James Hardie® siding products

You want to ensure you’re buying the best possible product when you choose to re-side. James Hardie invented fiber cement and remains the leader in the field. Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in James Hardie® siding and trim.

What are the benefits of James Hardie Siding?



  • Cost Savings

James Hardie siding costs less than wood, requires less maintenance, doesn’t attract pests, and is water resistant to help protect against mold damage – buying you more mileage for your dollar.


  • Color That Lasts

With ColorPlus® Technology finishes, multiple coats of color are baked onto the boards for a stronger bond that resists chipping, peeling, cracking and fading. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining your home and more time enjoying it.


  • Great Warranties

All James Hardie siding products come with a 30-year, non-prorated limited substrate warranty and trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated limited substrate warranty.Climate Specificity


  • Climate Specificity

James Hardie is the only siding company that is Engineered for Climate® ensuring that you get the best performance for your region.

  • Lower Insurance

Unlike vinyl and wood, James Hardie siding is both fire resistant and hail damage resistant, and can also help reduce home insurance premiums. Ask your agent.

  • Resale Value

Re-siding your home returns more value than any other major home exterior project*, making it a better investment for your home. James Hardie is chosen to protect more homes than any other brand.


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You’ve made your decision: You are re-siding your home. Now the fun part begins.

Your home outside says a lot about you. Regrettably, Mother Nature doesn't care. Whether it's rainfall, dry heat, freezing colds, ice, and snow, or hurricane-force winds, siding is under relentless attack. That's why for more than 30 years, James Hardie continues to fight everything Mother Nature can dish out. Four million stunning homes stand as a testimonial to our endurance. As the most trusted brand of fiber cement siding in America, James Hardie has taken that level of protection to an even higher level, with siding engineered for Colorado's climate.

For over 100 years, James Hardie has been the industry leader in building products and devoted to just one thing, defending homes against the ravages of time and the elements. Over 4 million homeowners in North America can attest to the quality and resilience James Hardie offers.

Before you decide what type of siding material is right for your home, take a look at the value you’ll get with James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus technology:

  • A longer paint cycle that can help save you up to $5,000 (on average) over 15 years
  • The #1 return on investment and superior siding value for remodeling projects, (Remodeling Magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report,” 2016)
  • Lower homeowner insurance premiums (14% lower on average) compared to vinyl siding
  • No need to hire – and pay for – an additional on-site painting contractor
  • Up to a 30-year limited transferable product warranty, as well as a 15-year finish warranty covering both paint and labor*
  • No waiting for optimal weather conditions to finish



"Eco-friendly products shouldn't be obtained from endangered materials. One of the reasons James Hardie products are 'green' is because they combine natural components that are low in toxicity. And, they last longer than other products."


#1 ROI

Re-siding with fiber cement yields the best ROI when compared to other mid-size remodeling projects.


Baked-on ColorPlus® Technology has greater resistance to fading, chipping and cracking, meaning less maintenance for you.


James Hardie is the only siding company that engineers siding and trim products for specific climates, ensuring that you get the best performance for your region.


All James Hardie siding products come with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty and trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty.