Founding Member of Mark’s All Pros

Founding Member of Marks AllPros



"Months in the making, we’ve set out to create the best business referral list in the country. How are we planning on doing that? Easy… say what we’re going to do and do what we say.

There’s certainly no shortage of places we can go to find companies. But where can one go to find companies that are fully verified using best practices pre-screening and background checking? Companies that we know we can trust to do the job right the first time?
Until now, we’ve have had to rely on risky websites to send us companies that are claimed to have been pre-screened and background checked.

These online systems have armed themselves with high powered attorneys, bulletproof terms of use, and worse, insured themselves to the gills in order to protect themselves from some of the poor results of products and services performed by these companies claimed to have been “pre-screened and background checked”. Often times, from the stories we hear, companies that have no business even being in businesses at all.

In order to line their pockets with money, they gamble with ours by sending some of the worst companies in the business. They send us inexperienced companies, underinsured companies, contractors that sub-contract their work, and companies that operate via every loophole possible to make the highest profits possible for the least amount of output. They send us these companies knowing their well-crafted legalese covers them. They generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues for their executives and investors leaving us with poor and sometimes even criminally negligent results.

Simultaneously, they use and abuse businesses and sole proprietors within their systems. In doing so, they’ve also managed to push good companies into tight corners by comparing pricing and quality with companies that aren’t even playing on the same level. Companies that can barely afford to be in business and are easily within months of going bankrupt are stacked up against companies that have worked hard to build a reputation of honesty, integrity, and quality. Companies that can’t produce the same level of quality on their best day as these great businesses do on their worst day.

We intend to change this model. We want to connect smart consumers with great businesses precisely as we say we will."

- Mark Schlereth


Residential Window Replacement

Excited to start a residential replacement window project, ready to purchase something new or looking for a service and finding yourself crippled by the painstaking process of connecting with a company you can trust?   If you're looking for reliable window installation look no further than Gravina's Window Center of Littleton.

Endorsed by Mark Schlereth

Not only is Gravina's Window Center of Littleton the only company I recommend for residential window installation but they're also a founding member of my referral network at  A staple of the Denver area for almost 50 years, Gravina's Window Center of Littleton has proven to deliver high quality and professional window installation and replacement. Don't go with just ANY window company... choose Gravina's Window Center of Littleton.

Trust Window Company

Each and every company listed with is extensively vetted through our proprietary business screening process and must pass an intensive personal background check locally and nationally. To minimize risk to consumers, we require companies to provide proof of General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance where required. Additionally, we request that is listed as a Certificate Holder on all insurance policies so that if the company’s insurance is canceled, has lapsed or is discontinued for any reason, we receive a notification. In this event, we immediately suspend the company in question until proof of reinstatement is provided. Gravina's Window Center of Littleton is the ONLY window replacement company endorses. They are a trustworthy, and professional company pre-screened and background checked by Mark Schlereth and his team. Finding great companies shouldn’t be so difficult! - Connecting Smart Consumers With Great Companies




Gravina's Window Center of Littleton is proud to be a Founding Member of Marks AllPros.

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