Infinity from Marvin Black Windows

Black windows are gaining in homeowner demand. Their black frame makes a striking design statement and becomes a stunning focal point in any room. This trending color complements contemporary, farmhouse, and industrial home designs. Still, it is also a recommended choice for homeowners looking to bring a more modern look to their regular home. When matched with contrasting, light-colored walls, the black interior and outside color create stunning visual appeal.

Does the color of black windows have an impact?

Considering the color undertones of black windows is essential for design decisions. Before committing to this look, it is recommended to determine whether your home has warm or cool hues. While black may seem like a simple color, it actually has various undertones, such as green, yellow, or purple, that can greatly impact its overall effect.

Color experts emphasize the importance of understanding these undertones. For instance, blacks with purple undertones can give off a glossy or cool appearance reminiscent of an oil slick. On the other hand, incorporating yellow into a rich black hue can result in a warm bronze-like effect.

By being aware of these color undertones, you can make informed decisions and ensure that the black windows you choose complement the existing color scheme of your home. This consideration will contribute to the overall aesthetic harmony and coherence in your interior or exterior design.


Bring out the beauty in your home with Infinity's proprietary acrylic finish and black color options. Three times thicker than other windows, our finish is virtually maintenance-free.

This includes passing rigorous tests for impact, abrasion, cleaner resistance, and extreme cold and oven testing. It's further proof Infinity windows and doors are best in class.  The ebony finish will stay beautiful for years to come and is maintenance-free for homeowners. You really can’t do better than Infinity Windows for a beautiful dark exterior finish like Ebony.

No more sanding, scraping, or painting is required.


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