Choose from many types of windows from Infinity



The Double Hung

Replace drafty, unsightly, hard-to-open double hung windows with the easy-to-operate, easy-to-clean Infinity® from Marvin Double Hung.

Quality hardware, advanced design, and factory-installed screens make our double hung window work for you, not against you. And with matching picture and transom units available, the Infinity Double Hung provides a high-performance replacement solution for every view in your home.

Tilt Release Button

Our unique tilt release button lets you tilt the lower sash into the room, without removing the screen, using only one hand for easy cleaning. With no visible latches, Infinity replacement windows have a clean, contemporary appearance.


  1. Unlock and raise the sash slightly.
  2. Depress the tilt release button and slide the lock lever over the button.
  3. Tilt the sash into the room for easy cleaning without screen removal.

Sash of different proportions in one unit, commonly called Cottage Style and Oriel Style, are also available, with all the tilting and performance features of a regular Infinity Double Hung.

The Casement and Awning

One word defines Infinity® from Marvin Casements and Awnings -- easy. They are easy to choose, easy to control and easy to enjoy.


A versatile, user-friendly replacement option

The Casement and Awning combine beauty and virtually effortless operation. The standard Easy Wash® hinge is just that -- a design that allows you to clean the window both inside and out. The optional Clear View® hinge provides for an optimal viewing area. Both Casements and Awnings feature folding handles that tuck conveniently out of the way of most window treatments and provide a clean, finished look.




Infinity Casements and Awnings integrate effortless operation and functionality with a multi-point locking system. A discreet single lock lever simultaneously activates both locks on the Casement. The handle turns smoothly and folds neatly out of the way.

Available in a variety of multiple assembly options.


The Glider


A Smooth Operator

If your gliders don't "glide" anymore or you have space where a swinging sash would be in the way, The Infinity® Glider is the perfect solution.

These durable, energy-efficient windows operate smoothly and seal tightly against air and water infiltration. Made with sturdy, dependable Ultrex® fiberglass inside and out, our gliders are virtually maintenance-free.

You'll also appreciate the superior performance and long-term energy cost savings provided by standard Low E II with argon insulating glass.


Choose left operating or right operating sash - Triple sash units are available with operating sash on both ends.

The Bay Window... A refreshing retreat



Invite nature in – create interest and add drama to any room with the simple combination of three windows set into the Infinity® Bay. Your home will enjoy the low-maintenance interior and exterior while you enjoy the expanded views. From a small sunlit area for plants to an expansive reading nook, the Infinity® Bay can work into any area of your home with two angle options of 30 and 45 degrees. Choose Double Hung or Casement windows for your Bay with head and seat boards included.

Bare pine head and seat boards allow for stain or paint to match the interior of your home. Two angle options available in various configurations

The Bow... The dramatic made simple




The Infinity® Bow offers an easy way to expand your views and open up a room. The gentle curve can be created with four, five or six wide assemblies of Casement windows. Head and seat boards are included in bare pine to allow for staining or painting to match your home's interior.

Bare pine head and seat boards allow for stain or paint to match the interior of your home.