What Are The Benefits Of Ultrex Fiberglass Material?

The Perfect Window Material

Infinity created Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass with one goal in mind: develop the most durable window material in the industry. It’s not only 8 times stronger than vinyl — it resists expanding and contracting in any climate. So you get a tight, snug fit that will last.

8x stronger than vinyl

Vinyl windows can warp and shift under everyday conditions — potentially making vinyl windows difficult to open and close and affecting their all-around performance. Ultrex resists sticking, swelling and warping so Infinity windows and doors will continue to easily open and close.

More view for the money

Because Ultrex is so strong, we actually use less of it in Infinity window frames. That means you get more daylight and greater views outside coming through your window, without bulky materials obstructing your view. And we pay attention to the details that matter — like our clean, non-welded, corners that let you make the most of your beautiful view.

Beauty that lasts

Infinity’s proprietary, high-performance, co-extruded finishing process is unlike anything else in the industry. Our thick, even acrylic finish is free of pinholes, striations, and imperfections and will resist scratches, fading and chalking to retain its original beauty.

A finish that resists fading

Want long-term color retention in a variety of styles? Ultrex uses an acrylic finish that is paintable, fade-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. With a finish that’s 3 times thicker than competitive options, Ultrex resists chipping, denting or peeling.

A fit that never quits

Compared to other materials, Ultrex is the strongest window framing material in the replacement industry. This means Ultrex resists bending and flexing — that’s confidence Fibrex® and vinyl simply can’t match.

An investment that pays

Infinity products have one of the highest performance ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the organization that defines energy performance ratings for the window and door industry.

Longer life expectancy

Infinity’s fiberglass windows have a 38% longer useful life expectancy than vinyl.

Resale Value

When selling your home, new windows and doors provide an average 73% return on investment — which ranks higher than most interior renovations.