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28 July 2014

Beautiful Spaces



Denver Front Range | Littleton, Co | Wheat Ridge, Co | Lakewood, Co 
Englewood, Co | Centennial, Co | Highlands Ranch, Co | Denver, Co 
Westminster, Co | Northglenn, Co | Thornton, Co | Broomfield, Co 
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Business Description
Specializing in Fiberglass 
Replacement Windows and Patio Doors 

Every day, for over 35 years, Gravina's Window Center, has taken the time to build long-term relationships by helping their customers renovate their homes with the highest quality products and services. 

Gravina's Window Center is committed to providing their customers the highest quality replacement windows and doors through the use of an experienced sales staff, skilled craftsmen and courteous personnel. By providing fiberglass replacement windows to the front range area, Gravina's Window Center has set the standard in customer satisfaction only a third generation family business can.

Certification and Awards
Angie's List Super Service Award

27 July 2014

Happy Birthday to one of the most influential U.S. architects


Happy Birthday to Cyrus L. W. Eidlitz, one of the most influential U.S. architects of the 19th century. Best know for his design of the One Times Square building, Eidlitz continues to inspire architects today, not to mention MArvin Windows and Doors!

times square 1938

Hat tip to Marvin Windows


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25 July 2014

Replacement Window Materials: 5 Benefits of Ultrex


1. Excellent performance which translates into comfort for you. Ultrex fiberglass and exceptional window engineering prevent air leakage and drafts, keeping your home snug.

2. Ultrex is a superior window material, outperforming vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other window materials in every way. Ultrex is strong as steel, eight times stronger than vinyl, and three-and-a-half times stronger than wood/vinyl composites. It has a very low rate of temperature transfer, and its tendency to expand and contract is seven times less than vinyl keeps the window stable and weathertight. Ultrex is virtually maintenance free, and won’t rot, warp or dent.

3. Ultrex makes for a more beautiful window. Because of its superior strength, the frames can be made with a narrower profile to give you more daylight and better views. Thanks to Ultrex, Marvin’s fiberglass windows can be made with attractive detailing like a fine wood window – with all the practical benefits of fiberglass. Ultrex is easy to clean, and its superior finish coating stays beautiful for decades.

4. Backed by industry-leading Marvin Windows and Doors, windows made with Ultrex are backed by experience dating back to the 1930s – resulting in a no-hassle, quality product built to last a lifetime.

5. Overall excellent value: combine all these qualities into one window product, back it with the first-quality service of Marvin’s hand-picked, expert retailers and installers, all at a competitive price. Once you do your homework, you’ll agree that Ultrex measures up to make a great window experience.

More on Ultrex:


Ultrex® is the secret sauce that allows Infinity from Marvin® windows to look and perform better than all other replacement windows. 

Ultrex is made from a patented process of “pultruded” fiberglass.  Strong cables of glass are saturated with specially compounded resins, then pulled through a heated die, and ultimately cut with diamond-edge blades.  The patented mechanically bonded acrylic finish is up to 3 times thicker than competitive finishes to resist scratching and UV degradation.


 Original article here

22 June 2014





All we at Gravina's Window Center can say is that the "Bi-Fold Patio Door" is one of the hottest trends in home improvement right now!

 Bi-Fold Doors

The Bi-Fold door is a simple, elegant solution for indoor/outdoor luxury living – opening wide to invite fresh air in. Configured from two to eight panels, Bi-Fold doors use an extruded aluminum track to fold smoothly to one side, stylishly and effortlessly connecting your space to the outdoors or to another room. Marvin Bi-Fold doors are ideal for making a dramatic connection with verandas, gardens and more — or expanding a room into adjoining interior areas.



folding door diagram


Standard Features

  • True indoor/outdoor luxury living
  • May comprise as few as two panels or up to eight panels for openings up to 21' x 8'
  • Standard panel assembly features the French door profile with wider bottom rail height of 8 1/8"
  • Available with a contemporary panel option featuring 4 3/4" bottom rail for larger glass size compared to a traditional French door
  • Panels move easily on extruded aluminum track and gather neatly to side to economize space
  • A substantial Bi-Fold hardware system is created specifically for folding doors in exterior residential and light commercial applications
  • Outswing access panel allows for convenient everyday use (based upon configuration)
  • Comprehensive weather stripping creates an exceptional weather-sealed system
  • Available in wood or clad exterior

Call us today for more information on Marvin Bi-Fold Patio Doors, 303-794-0490


20 June 2014

Passive Building windows

Marvin Windows and Doors now offers a wide range of American-made wood windows that will meet both the strict European and U.S. standards for Passive Building certification. And for homeowners and building professionals looking for highly efficient windows, Marvin offers more products that have earned ENERGY STAR's "Most Efficient" designation than any other wood-window manufacturer.


No longer will builders and owners have to wait for more than two months for passive windows to ship from Europe. Marvin's R&D and manufacturing teams have achieved what had been considered impossible by many in the industry: delivering American-made windows that meet Passive Building standards while maintaining the highest levels of beauty, style and customization. Passive Building certification from both U.S. and European bodies is pending.

"With our long history of custom manufacturing and our skilled, experienced work force, we're able to craft windows that will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency while allowing design freedom," said Mike Laufman, senior manager of Marvin Signature Services, which offers one-on-one design and manufacturing support for the most challenging custom projects. "There's a perception that passive buildings need to be blank-walled fortresses with tiny slits for windows. But with Marvin products, architects and homeowners will be able to specify any design feature -- even large expanses of glass -- using windows that look like our regular product lines yet meet the strictest standards of Passive Building."

Passive Building construction and design principles focus on insulation and energy conservation in both warm and cold climates. Passive Buildings are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature using only minimal heating and cooling systems. A super-insulated, virtually air-tight building envelope is heated primarily by passive solar gain and warmth from occupants and appliances inside. Cooling loads are reduced during warm weather by strategic shading.

Marvin works with glazing partners on its Passive Building windows. Using quad-glazing Heat Mirror® products, Marvin can meet Passive Building standards on its Ultimate Casement and Direct Glaze products. Marvin's Passive Building products are created by Marvin Signature Services.

"There is no silver bullet to achieve Passive Building criteria, but windows are a key consideration in Passive Building design," said Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. "Because our products are made in the USA, Marvin can offer builders a shorter lead time than international manufacturers. And our extensive independent dealer network means we can support the project from the time it's drawn up until after installation. This is another great example of Marvin working one on one with its customers to deliver the perfect windows for each project."


Read more here



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