Replacement Windows Buying Guide


When was the last time you shopped for windows? Exactly. It doesn’t happen very often. It’s not like shopping for groceries, so we feel your aggravation. It’s not cheap, it takes time, and there are a lot of window styles to choose. The whole process can be a pain.

But not anymore. Let’s break down the most popular types of windows out there and then you’ll be able to speak the language.


Single & Double Hung Windows

What in the world is a single or double hung window? First of all, they’re uber popular. You see these guys in a lot of homes. Single hung can be raised from the bottom, and double hung windows can be raised from the bottom as well as lowered from the top. And on a double hung, you can tilt the window in for easy cleaning.



Double Hung Window

Casement Windows

Ever heard of this window? Casement windows are a great option for hard to reach areas in your home because you can reach up and just crank the handle to open or close the window.

Casement Window

Awning Windows

These windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They provide additional air flow to a room. Another nice thing about this style of window is if it’s drizzling outside, but still warm, you can open the window and the rain will run off. You will get some water in the house if it’s pouring, but a nice light spring rain can easily be enjoyed with these kinds of windows.

Awning Windows

Slider Windows

Sliders glide open and provide a wide view of your outside landscape. These windows also tilt in for easy cleaning.

Gliding Window

Bay & Bow Windows

Now we’re talking serious style. A bay or bow window creates dimension. On the outside, your home will have a posh, upscale look. On the inside, you will create additional seating and a perfect lounging area to read a book or just enjoy the view.

Bay Window

Picture & Geometric Windows

These windows are the most energy efficient out of all windows because, well, you can’t open them. They provide a beautiful view to the outside, but, because they’re installed without any operating mechanisms, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the window open. They also can be completely customized can fit any space in your home.

Picture Windows

Garden Windows

These windows are absolutely gorgeous. You’ve probably seen them before, but just didn’t know their name (until now). These windows let in a lot of light and can come with casements on the side that to provide airflow to any plants or flowers. They really do add beauty to your home.


Garden Window

You know the lingo…now what?

Think Outside the Window

So your son or daughter really got a hold of that ball and smashed your window. Well, he or she may have done you a favor. After all, just because you need to replace a double hung window does not mean you have to get that same window. Now you have the opportunity to think outside your current window style and create a new look for your home. Maybe now you’ll want to buy a bay window. Or, if you’re replacing a kitchen window, you could get a garden window.

Why Care?

Because unlike most other home purchases, a window makes your house look beautiful on the outside, and on the inside. It’s a win/win. New windows also increase your energy efficiency and raise the value of your home. Any Realtor will tell you new windows on a house add instant curb appeal and are attractive to a potential buyer.

When Should I Buy?

Think it’s too cold to buy windows? Not true! You can purchase windows at any time. In the spring, summer, fall or winter. If it’s cold, your contractor will be sure to shut the door to minimize air flow through the house. They’ll also replace one window at a time, so there won’t be several open holes in your home all at once.

Where Should I Buy?

Um, a no brainer. Simonton! We have been making homes beautiful since 1946. A lot of window companies come and go, but because our product is high-quality it’s easy for us to stand behind our windows. Plus we have an incredible warranty to prove it. In addition, our windows are put through rigorous testing to ensure you’re only getting the best. And did you know we’re award winning? This year, Consumer Reports rated our Pro-Finish Contractor the #1 vinyl double hung window. Talk about an amazing compliment.

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