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A few months ago we started working with a client who is building her dream house. And, since we started, I can say that the number one conversation we’ve had about the exterior has been windows.

I’ve always pointed out how the right windows really make the space (read just about any Room of the Week post if you don’t believe me!) and so it was only fitting that I get to visit the Marvin Windows & Doors headquarters in Warroad, Minnesota with ELLE DECOR and House Beautiful a few months back to experience the process they go through to make their stunning windows and doors…



You know when people are passionate about what they do, it makes you passionate about what they do? Well, if I thought I had a thing for windows before, now I’m really in love. And how could you not be, with a company that can make stunning custom pieces for historical renovations…


As well as everyday windows that are practical, functional, and of the highest quality…


But it wasn’t just the product I was impressed with – everything from green practices (exceptional!) to their company culture (it’s basically one big family) was admirable. We toured the Marvin museum which gave us insight into how the company has basically built the town of Warroad, and does so much more to take care of their own. They are also currently operated by the 4th generation of Marvin family members – also impressive – and speak so much to their dedication to their community.

And then, of course, there’s the biggest test. Would I recommend them to my client? Heck yeah.

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