Make your home more comfortable this winter with new replacement windows

As fall comes to a close and colder weather invades our desirable, typically mild, Colorado climate, many homeowners are rushing to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Replacement windows can be the perfect solution to reducing heating bills.

Many older homes have single glazed windows; they are not up to date with the more modern double glazed windows. Old windows made of plain glass do not offer the benefits of double glazed windows. As the name suggests, double glazed windows have two panels within a single frame. The panels are usually separated by air or a non toxic gas called argon. Argon is most effective in sealing warm air inside and cold air outside, which is exactly what homeowners strive to do during the winter months. When argon is used between the glass panes of a window, the conduction of heat and cold is much less. A typical heating expense can be reduced by up to 50% by using the combination of dual glazed glass and argon gas. During the winter months, argon keeps the heat from being conducted from the inside glass of the window to the outside, making the house stay warmer and more comfortable without having to turn up the heat. What is even more appealing is that these windows do the exact opposite during the summer months; that is, they keep the cool air in and the hot air out!

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