Energy-Efficient Window Installation

Save Money by Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows may enhance the look of your home, but there is a price to pay for beautiful backyard views. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), 25 to 30 percent of a home’s heating and cooling is used to combat heat transfer through its windows.1

That’s a significant chunk, but there’s some good news – you can easily remedy the situation by replacing your current windows with more energy-efficient models.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows                                                                                   

The best energy-efficient windows reduce energy loss without compromising the look of your home. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from this investment.

  1. Lower Your Energy Bills

In 2013, the average annual energy bill in the United States was $2,060, with 42 percent going toward heating and cooling.2 Installing brand-new energy-efficient windows can decrease the amount of money you have to spend on that portion of your energy bill. According to the ENERGY STAR® City Savings Estimates, Denver area residents can save $257 annually by replacing their single-pane clear windows, or $91 by replacing their double-pane clear windows, with more energy-efficient models.3 Those savings will quickly add up over the years.

  1. Make Your Home More Comfortable

Is the area by your windows drafty in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer? There’s a chance your window is not properly sealed or weatherproofed, which allows air to leak between the interior of your house and the outdoors. Energy-efficient windows, especially when they’re properly sealed by experienced replacement window professionals, can keep your home comfortable no matter the season.

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While there are greener sources of energy like wind, water and solar power, much of the country’s electricity is still generated by burning coal, natural gas, petroleum and other products that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that in 2017, electricity generation was responsible for 1,744 million metric tons of CO2 emissions – about 34 percent of the U.S. total.4

If you choose more energy-efficient windows, your HVAC system won’t need to use as much electricity to maintain your home’s temperature. This can reduce your personal carbon footprint by approximately 246 to 6,205 pounds of CO2 per year, depending on the type of windows you’re replacing and your average energy usage.5

What Makes Windows Energy-Efficient

There are several tricks engineers use to make windows more energy-efficient, including:

  • A high-quality frame – Some materials like fiberglass and insulated vinyl outperform others like metal and wood in terms of insulation and maintenance.
  • The way the window opens – A window that’s fixed or hinged loses less energy than one that slides horizontally or vertically.
  • Insulated glass – Double-pane and triple-pane windows are separated by a gap of air or gas that reduces heat transfer.
  • Gas – Manufacturers sometimes include a thin layer of argon or krypton gas between panes to reduce heat gain and loss.
  • Low-emissivity (low-e) coatings – These metal and metal oxide coatings prevent 30 to 50 percent of energy loss.6

How to Choose a Window

As you’re shopping, you’ll want to check the window’s ENERGY STAR® certification as well as the label provided by the National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC). These two organizations are the authorities when it comes to window energy efficiency.


To be ENERGY STAR-certified, a window must meet certain criteria in each of the four regions of the country:

  • Northern Zone
  • North-Central Zone
  • South-Central Zone
  • Southern Zone

You can easily find your zone with this Zone Finder tool. For example, Arapahoe County in Colorado falls within the Northern Zone, so the windows you choose will ideally be certified for that zone or the whole country.

Good Ratings on NFRC Label

The NFRC label tells you what ratings a window has, describing its:

  • U-factor – The amount of heat that escapes your window. You want this number to be low, especially in states with cold winters, so the heat stays indoors.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) – The amount of heat that enters your house via sunlight. A low SHGC is preferred in hot climates, and vice versa.
  • Visible transmittance (VT) – The amount of sunlight a window lets into your home. The desired rating depends on how bright you want your home to be.
  • Air leakage – The amount of air that escapes through gaps in the window. You want a low air leakage rating.

Finding Energy-Efficient Windows at Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton

Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton has been outfitting residents’ homes with high-quality windows for more than 45 years. We only carry the best – Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows. They are truly energy-efficient because they:

  • Are made of Ultrex® fiberglass that is eight times stronger than vinyl8
  • Have a low expansion rate for a tighter seal
  • Include low-e coatings to reduce heat transfer

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Replacement Windows in Denver

Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Whether your home is brand new or you’ve been living there for decades, the need for window replacement can arise at any time. People often wonder how they can tell when it’s time to replace their windows. In some cases, the signs are clear, while others can be difficult to detect, rendering the adage “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” not very useful. In any case, it’s important you know what signs to look for so you can accurately determine when it’s time to replace your home’s windows.

Poor Appearance 

If your windows have accumulated moisture in between the panes, are faded, dim or discolored, it’s recommended you replace them. Though they aren’t necessarily broken, windows with a poor appearance can reduce your home’s value and often can’t be returned to their original clarity. Plus, if your windows experience heavy condensation, their seal is likely compromised, reducing efficiency.


Windows are designed to keep the outside from getting in. Over time, however, window shapes and structures can become damaged or misaligned, which allows drafts, moisture or even insects to infiltrate your home through naturally occurring gaps or cracks in the window.

They’re Outdated

For those who have older homes, remember that your windows age along with everything else. Not only do outdated windows often look tacky, but they have a greater chance of developing structural issues like warping or gaps. Keep in mind, the average window’s lifespan is just 15 to 30 years.1 Upgrading to modern vinyl or PVC energy efficient windows will also boost your home’s value tremendously and can put a stop to drafts and unsightly damage.

High Energy Bills

Have you recently noticed higher energy bills but were unable to pinpoint the cause? It may be your windows! Drafty, outdated or single-pane windows can drastically reduce your home’s energy efficiency by causing your HVAC unit to work much harder than it would need to if you had good windows. To decrease your energy costs, install windows with multiple panes, low-e coating and modern glazing. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a low-e coating can reduce energy loss by 30 to 50 percent.2

Rotting Trims

Window trims, especially wooden ones, are highly susceptible to rot, deterioration, corrosion and other physical damage due to being constantly exposed to the elements. If you notice any kind of physical damage to your windows, it’s a good sign they need replacement. Not only does it look unsightly, but it could also negatively impact the window’s functionality or result in gaps and other structural issues.

Difficulty Staying in Place, Opening or Closing

If you’re having to use a lot of force to open or close a window, or it simply won’t stay in place, it’s usually a good sign the window needs replacing. Windows that don’t function properly are a safety issue if you can’t trust them to firmly shut and stay in place. Malfunctioning windows also causes poor efficiency. The increased force necessary to open or close a faulty window also increases the likelihood of cracking the glass or damaging frames.

You Want to Sell Your Home

Maybe your windows are in fine shape, but you’re planning on selling your home soon. That alone can be a great reason to replace your windows. It’s been calculated that new windows can increase a home’s asking price by nearly $9,000.3

You Can’t Sleep at Night

Are you a light sleeper? Do you live in a noisy area? Upgrading your windows is an excellent way to reduce the nuisance of outdoor noise from infiltrating your home. Rather than block out the sound, modern windows absorb the sound vibrations better than older or single-pane windows, reducing the overall noise level inside your home.

Window Replacement in the Denver, Colorado Area

Have you decided it’s time to replace those outdated or inefficient windows? To prevent these issues from resurfacing, it’s important you work with a trusted, professional window installer who will install a great product and do it the right way. At Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton, we’ve been providing window and door replacement services as a family-owned and operated business since 1973!

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Summer Window Replacement in Denver

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Replacement Window and Doors in Denver 

More than Just an Inclusion to Your Home’s Architectural Design

Tired of the heat already?  Your window plays a huge role in the volume of heat that gains entry into your home, or that is lost, at any point in time. This is why it is important that you are aware of the enormous consequences of having poor quality windows installed in your home. Not only do they serve as a major source of unwanted heat gain (in the summer months) or heat loss (in the winter months), they also require you to spend extra (unbudgeted money, sometimes) to have the air conditioning system running overtime, to keep your home temperature cool.

As a matter of fact, with our Infinity from Marvin Replacement window, there is technology that makes it possible for you to have super energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings, thus helping to reduce the typical solar heat gain, without compromising the design, view or the amount of daylight that comes in.

Amazing Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Windows

Improves Energy and Cost Savings

The beauty of having these energy-efficient windows properly selected and installed is that they can significantly help to improve window performance in your home as well as help minimize unnecessary heating, cooling and lighting costs.

Reasons for Home Energy Loss

More so, these windows have special coatings that can save you the additional cost of having to frequently replace your bleached-out fabrics, floors, art and other materials in your home that are directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows are eco-friendly and are great at helping you to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. This is so because the power that you save would have been spent creating greenhouse gases. Helping to eliminate this excess power usage, therefore, is a great way to conserve energy, and ultimately reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Enhances Your Home’s Thermal Equilibrium

Energy efficient windows characteristically have a great thermal resistance by virtue of the Low E coatings on the glass. The more reason why your home will not get heated up by exposure to direct sunlight. You can always be rest assured that your home’s thermal interior can be maintained at comfortable levels away from the scorching Colorado sun. With summer here, it’s time to stay cool.

Low E 366 Glass

In the Southwest, air conditioning units need to run nonstop in order to keep houses cool and comfortable. Under such conditions, the right kind of glass can make a big difference. A case study conducted in Roseville, California, proved that Cardinal’s LoĒ² glass maintains comfortable homes while saving energy.

Two identical houses were compared. One was equipped with clear double pane and another using LoĒ² glass. The results concluded that the house equipped with LoĒ² glass showed a 25% reduction in cooling energy and 10% savings in heating energy. Also, the air conditioning unit used ran 1/3 fewer hours compared to the one used in the test house using regular low-e glass.


Improved Lighting and View

New fiberglass windows with low-E coatings, serve as the perfect replacement solution to the traditional tinted glazing or shades on your windows to reduce solar radiation. These energy efficient windows are great at protecting your home from unwanted heat without obstructing your views or the amount of daylight that penetrates your home interiors.

Costs for Energy-Efficient Options

Replacement windows with Low E coatings have now become a standard feature of many new home builds and window replacements. On the average, the cost of having these windows installed cannot be said to be expensive, particularly when you consider the enormous costs that are incurred when you don’t. These are, however, some features that will increase the value of your window.

Summer Window Replacement

Caution: U-Factor Rating for Windows 

You do not want to get caught up in a situation where you have purchased windows according to the U-factor of the glass and have ignored the material of the window frame itself. This is why it is important that you always keep in mind that the U-factor of any energy efficient window could refer to the energy efficiency of the glass alone or the entire window. In many cases, however, the frames are not usually as energy efficient as the glass.  This is why we prefer fiberglass for the window frame.

Need a Reliable Summer Window Replacement?

At Gravina’s, we it’s going to be hot this summer throughout the Denver area. With over 40 years of industry experience in window replacement, we are always glad to recommend the best product for your home and cooling needs.  Infinity from Marvin replacement windows and doors are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and divided lite patterns, all designed to fit your personal style. Visit Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton today, to learn more about all the options available or contact us for a free quote.

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Energy Efficiency Learning

Read about energy audits here

spring colorado weather

Springtime in the Rockies


One way we know spring is here, besides more sunshine and warm weather, is our phones are ringing constantly.  Plus the weather is unpredictable.  We see our customers ask for windows that will "enhance their home" and "keep them cooler in summer".

spring remodeling checklist denver

For homeowners in Denver, the summers can be hot and dry — temperatures climb to the upper 90's and indoor air conditioners are turned way too often. Everyone in Colorado knows that feeling of your home's south or west side sun beating down on your carpet or furniture.  It is hot and damaging.   Depending on the season, the weather is also prone to storms.

For our customers, energy efficient windows and doors provide comfort year-round while keeping Colorado's sun at bay.  We have LoE Glass packages in our windows and doors to help you there.

We always talk about windows and doors...what about siding?  Siding is a vital building material for your home. It not only defends your house from harsh elements, but it also gives your house character and value. Replacing your siding can be a major upgrade in your home’s appearance, but sometimes it’s not an easy choice to make. Our James Hardie Siding can take the heat here,  plus there are plenty of colors and options to choose from as well.  

Well-chosen windows or siding offer benefits of better living and comfort in addition to the aesthetics.   Why not plan on adding comfort, energy efficiency, beauty, and value to your home.

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