Replacement Window Materials: 5 Benefits of Ultrex Fiberglass



Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows and doors are made with Ultrex® fiberglass, making Infinity windows more durable than vinyl windows and needing less maintenance than wood windows.


5 Benefits of Ultrex Fiberglass

fiberglass vs vinyl windows

More view for the money

Because Ultrex is so strong, we actually use less of it in Infinity window frames. That means you get more daylight coming through your window, without bulky materials obstructing your view.

Superior window material

Ultrex is a superior window material, outperforming vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other window materials. Ultrex is strong as steel, eight times stronger than vinyl, and three-and-a-half times stronger than wood/vinyl composites. It has a very low rate of temperature transfer, and its tendency to expand and contract is seven times less than vinyl keeps the window stable and weathertight.

Resists window leaks

Ultrex expands at virtually the same rate as glass, so our windows stay tight and true. This makes Infinity windows resistant to leaks, seal failures and stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and long-term performance.

Fade Resistant Finish

Want long-term color retention? Ultrex uses an acrylic finish that is fade-resistant and virtually maintenance-free.  With a finish that's 3 times thicker than other windows,  Ultrex resists chipping, denting or peeling.

Everwood beauty and texture

Infinity windows can be made with attractive detailing like a fine wood window – with all the practical benefits of fiberglass.  EverWood®, our breakthrough engineered wood grain interior finish, offers natural looks and textures - plus the durability you demand. It looks, feels, paints and stains like wood but is completely low maintenance.

Would you trust a plastic boat or a fiberglass boat more?

Discover what Infinity Windows can do for you

These are just a few of the advantages of Ultrex Fiberglass and Marvin Infinity Windows.  Call for more details or drop us an email.





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