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Why are fiberglass replacement windows better than vinyl replacement windows?

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

Colorado’s extreme climate is the perfect testing ground for the exterior of homes, especially replacement windows. The high altitude, fluctuating temperatures, and intense exposure to ultraviolet light have all damaged many window materials. There are many reasons why fiberglass replacement windows are better quality than vinyl, but we’ll spare you all of them and tell you about the big ones!

The durability of a fiberglass replacement window compared to vinyl is a significant advantage. One may not think that the strength of a replacement window is a big issue. After all, the strength comes from the surrounding building materials after the window is secured in place. The more significant problem is how the window expands and contracts. Vinyl replacement windows expand and contract with temperature swings. For example, it’s December in Colorado, and it’s still 65 degrees out! You never know. Colorado might get 3 feet of snow the next day. Because of their stability, fiberglass windows have fewer chances of bowing or warping. Fiberglass replacement windows are eight times stronger than vinyl. Yes, you read that correctly: EIGHT TIMES STRONGER!

Because fiberglass replacement windows can stand up to Colorado’s weather, they will continue to look beautiful and perform longer than vinyl windows. Vinyl will show its age in the form of spots, streaks, and cracks. You will never have to sand, scrape, or paint the fiberglass. Unlike vinyl, you can paint fiberglass frame windows if you would like. At the same time, unlike wood windows, you do not HAVE to paint fiberglass windows. The result is a replacement window that will stand the tests of time.

And last but not least, fiberglass replacement windows are more “green” than vinyl replacement windows. With energy costs on the rise, it is vital to have a window that meets the highest energy standards. Your windows may be losing up to 40% heating energy during the winter and 50% cooling power during the summer-obviously, not the most energy-efficient. With fiberglass replacement windows, customers can expect their energy bills to be reduced by up to 50%.

Fiberglass is a more environmentally friendly material and can be recycled.   You’re saving money on energy bills while saving the environment.

If you are interested in replacement windows that will endure for a long time and have a more considerable resale value, Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows are the way to go.


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