How to install interior window trim

This video shows the basics of finishing the interior of a residential window.  The wood used in this video is stain grade pine casing.  Even though our installers are craftsmen who can handle all our customers finish work, we still like people to be educated on the process.  The video is from an episode of "This Old House".





How to install interior window trim: 

- window stool, flat molding that attaches to the interior side of the windowsill
- window casing, interior molding applied around the top and sides of the window and used to form the apron below
- carpenter's glue, applied to mitered joints of window casings
- rag, used for wiping off excess glue

Tools for How to Install Window Trim: 

- a power miter saw, used to cut the moldings to length
- tape measure
- scribe or pencil compass used to mark the window stool for trimming
- jigsaw used to trim the stool
- nail gun with finishing nails used to attach moldings (could also use hammer and nail set)




We don’t always need to trim the interior of our windows but when we do we want the woodwork to enhance the customers home. After all, a little trim makes a huge impact on new replacement windows. It makes the room look so much better.

The attached video is from “This Old House”

Is there any advantage to ordering pre-finished wood windows?

The most important advantage is in the quality and consistency of the finish

Most of the time we at Gravina’s sell fiberglass windows.  When it comes to wood windows, some homeowners may wonder if there is any advantage to ordering pre-finished windows, since they could conceivably do the finishing themselves. But a factory-finished window has many advantages for both contractors and their customers.

The most important advantage is in the quality and consistency of the finish. The factory has an edge over those applying finishes in the field because the wood can be painted, stained, or sealed, before the window is even assembled. All of the parts get protected, even in places that become less accessible after the window is built. The finish is even and consistent in color and thickness in a way that’s difficult to match under any changing conditions on site. None of the liquid finishing material ever comes near the glass, so no paint or sealant needs to be removed and the glass is pristine and framed with a clean, precise edge.

Moreover, the homeowner can see and approve the color and finish before the windows are installed. And because the materials used have a track record of performing well in window applications, both contractors and their customers can have peace of mind that the windows will last long and deliver the highest quality performance and appearance. Factory-finished windows are already protected against the weather from the moment they arrive on the jobsite. In the unlikely event there is a problem with the finish, it can be identified before the window is installed, and brought to the attention of the manufacturer, thereby eliminating an expensive callback. .

Pre-finished windows can help with construction schedules as well. The application of several coats of stain and sealant can stretch out for days, or even weeks, if inclement weather arises. Using a pre-finished window system can help contractors meet deadlines and avoid penalties for delays in completion.

Quality, speed, and peace of mind are valuable properties in any construction product, and worth the consideration of any smart contractor.





WARROAD, Minn., April 27, 2015 /SATPR.COM/ — Amid growing demand for contemporary design, Marvin Windows and Doors is introducing Marvin Contemporary Studio, a selection of popular Marvin solutions that are tailored to the contemporary design style that more and more customers desire. The introduction of the Marvin Contemporary Studio makes it easier than ever for customers to find products that feature the key elements associated with contemporary design – including clean lines, large expanses of glass and narrow profiles. Having a curated collection of contemporary products allows builders, architects and homeowners to view unique product and option selections that can meet any modern design vision. As part of the Marvin Contemporary Studio launch, Marvin also is excited to announce the introduction of the Contemporary Casement, Contemporary Awning, Contemporary Push Out Casement and Contemporary Push Out Awning windows, which feature: Marvin’s latest Ultimate Multi-Slide Door release is also another exciting addition to the Contemporary Studio and Marvin’s large door offerings. Designed with narrow stiles and rails, this new door comes in a variety of configurations and large sizes with standard widths up to 50′ wide and 12′ tall — offering the ultimate in design flexibility and unbelievable, wide-open views. “Marvin’s Contemporary Studio showcases our modern flexibility while making it easier for our customers to identify well-designed, handcrafted products and options for their projects,” said Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors. “While we have offered contemporary design solutions for years, we’ve created a tailored collection to better demonstrate the depth of opportunity Marvin can provide to this design style.”



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Let’s Talk Glass Options

Gravina’s Energy Efficient Glass Options


We know how important energy efficiency is, and our standard LoĒ2-272 glass is a simple means of maximizing your home’s thermal efficiency year-round.  LoĒ2-272 reflects heat back to its source, so summer heat is reflected outdoors and indoor heating in the winter is retained.  LoĒ2-272 also blocks up to 84% of UV rays to reduce fading and damage to upholstery and carpet.

LoĒ³-366 GLASS®

Our optional LoĒ³-366 glass provides increased performance for high sun exposure locations.  This top-performance glass is formulated to reject solar heat while letting light in.  With LoĒ³-366, light and visibility are maximized, while up to 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays are blocked.


Our optional LoĒ3-366®/i89 combines the energy efficient properties and UV protection of LoĒ3-366® with LoĒ3-366®/i89, an inside surface coating that immediately reflects escaping heat back into the room increasing comfort and energy efficiency.


Both Infinity’s LoĒ2-272 and optional LoĒ3-366 glass are offered tempered.  This option increases the glass strength to help prevent breakage.  This option is ideal for windows that are close to the floor or located in high-traffic areas.


Obscure glass is a great option for areas where privacy is desired or where light is needed but the view is un-attractive.  This opaque glazing allows light to pass through but eliminates visibility.  The obscure option is available on both LoĒ2-272 and optional LoĒ3-366 glass.


The STC/OITC glass option is ideal in areas when exterior noise is a concern. The increase pane thickness of this sound reducing glass option helps reduce the transmission of noise by reflecting the energy of the sound waves. The STC/OITC option is available with all Infinity glass options.


Ideal for that space that calls for natural sunlight indoors, decorative glass allows you to create the perfect combination of style and privacy in your new Infinity replacement windows. Make a beautiful statement by choosing one of Infinity’s decorative glass options. 

frost  glue_chip  rain  narrow_reid  reed



Add curb appeal and value to your home


Add curb appeal and value to your home!

Replacement windows offer many benefits besides energy efficiency.  Many people but the best when it comes to cell phones, flat screen TVs, appliances and more.  Why not buy the best when it comes to window and door replacement?

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