Trimming the interior of a residential window


One of the the things we do well at Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton is interior trim work. We have trained our installers to be expert craftsman in their field. Is interior moulding work a window replacement secret? Not really. So why not give an example of what to expect with interior trim.

We don’t always need to trim the interior of our windows but when we do we want the wood work to enhance the customers home. After all, a little trim makes a huge impact on new replacement windows. It makes the room look so much better.

The attached video is from “This Old House”.

Shopping List for How to Install Window Trim: 
– window stool, flat molding that attaches to interior side of windowsill
– window casing, interior molding applied around the top and sides of window, and used to form the apron below
– carpenter’s glue, applied to mitered joints of window casings
– rag, used for wiping off excess glue

Tools for How to Install Window Trim: 
– power miter saw, used to cut the moldings to length
– tape measure
– scribe or pencil compass, used to mark the window stool for trimming
– jigsaw, used to trim the stool
– nail gun with finishing nails, used to attach moldings (could also use hammer and nailset)

How to Install Window Trim

Written by: Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton on12/29/15

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