Best Windows for Colorado


Best Replacement Windows for Colorado

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, you want to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. That is why choosing top-quality replacement windows is so important. Not only will they help ensure your home remains comfortable, but they can also add value and save money on energy costs down the road. Do some research before making your decision so you can compare different window types and determine the best replacement windows for the money. Pay attention to the manufacturers’ ratings for efficiency, safety, durability, and appearance to get a product that will last and look great. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship make all the difference when replacing windows – so invest wisely and do it right.

What to look for in replacement windows?

You want a sturdy window that offers excellent energy efficiency. Infinity windows are made with Ultrex®, a pultruded fiberglass with a patented acrylic capping that outperforms and outlasts vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and other fiberglass composites. Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass and proprietary pultrusion process allow Infinity to manufacture high-strength windows and doors that endure the elements without showing age or wear.

Upgrade Your Old Windows with Infinity from Marvin

People call us all the time and ask how they can upgrade their old windows.  Usually, their window jambs are rotting, the weatherstripping is falling off, the glass is cloudy, or they have a variety of other issues.  For these reasons, we believe Infinity from Marvin is the best replacement window for Colorado.  Colorado’s climate and UV equate to one of the most dramatic weather climates in the country - leading to rapid deterioration of ordinary windows.  Fiberglass is not your average window material.  And the best replacement window material is Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass from Infinity.  Infinity won the JD Power Award for Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Window and Patio Door Manufacturer Brands category.




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Proven Strength

The facts prove it. Ultrex® fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl/wood composites. It resists fading, chalking, peeling and cracking, giving you unparalleled strength and durability. We’re constantly testing Ultrex® to prove it’s the toughest window material available.

Ultrex fiberglass - a pultruded fiberglass material

Fiberglass Windows

We know fiberglass windows are the best replacement solution for Colorado's Climate.  But not just any fiberglass.  Our Infinity from Marvin fiberglass window is made from ULTREX®.  Marvin's Patented ULTREX® fiberglass is the strongest fiberglass on the market.

Unmatched Durability of Ultrex®

We don’t just claim that Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass is the toughest window material available; we prove it. Through a variety of punishing tests in harsh conditions, Infinity windows made with Ultrex® comes out on top again and again. Watch this video and see just how tough Ultrex® really is!

Built Green

Ultrex is made from silica sand – a safe and abundant natural resource. The Ultrex® manufacturing facilities fully comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act and are designated as a Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) facility as outlined by the EPA.  Read more here

Read more about Infinity from Marvin's Sustainability here.

Ultrex Fiberglass

Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, a material patented nearly 25 years ago when Marvin pioneered the fiberglass windows and door category, has led the category ever since. Infinity Windows is committed to a product that is tough, smart, long-lasting, and worry-free.


Expert Window Installation Services from Gravina's Window Center of Littleton

Installation of your windows is a key component of your replacement window or door project. At Gravina's Window Center of Littleton, we know that poorly installed windows will cause even the highest quality windows to underperform. You will find our technicians to be knowledgeable, courteous, skilled, true craftsmen, easy to work with, and willing to work hard to see that your project exceeds your expectations. We also have Installation Masters Certification, so we are experts when it comes to different home applications.


Enhanced Attractiveness, Coziness, Security, and Long-Term Savings

Upgrade your home with Infinity Fiberglass Windows from Marvin and benefit from enhanced attractiveness, coziness, and security - plus savings over the years. Experience long-term satisfaction as you enjoy a durable solution that's far more economical than vinyl windows.


Infinity from Marvin Fiberglass is the Best Choice for Colorado Window Replacement

Infinity from Marvin Fiberglass is the best choice for replacement windows in Colorado. It offers unparalleled durability, energy efficiency, and timeless style. Engineered to withstand Colorado's intense climate, these windows provide lasting performance and beauty for any home.


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