How Strong is Ultrex?

Marvin Fiberglass Windows - Stronger than vinyl, more affordable than clad wood, they stand out for their strength, low upkeep, and good looks. Perfect!

Ultrex Fiberglass

Infinity® replacement windows and doors -made from Ultrex fiberglass - a material so strong and durable it is superior to other window materials.  Most importantly, it makes Infinity from Marvin windows maintenance-free.

How Strong Is Ultrex?

That's a tough question to answer but it doesn't stop us from trying!  Infinity replacement windows and doors are built from Ultrex fiberglass, a sturdy, rigid material that delivers outstanding finish and performance. They'll never leave you and your construction, remodeling or replacement project hanging. You won't find a stronger window on the market. Not only is it 8x stronger than vinyl, just one inch of Ultrex can hold up to 34,000 pounds!

Infinity Windows - The Better Alternative To Vinyl

Don’t make the blunder of selecting vinyl windows that will eventually have to be replaced. Experience the beauty, coziness, and security of Infinity Windows for as long as you own your home. Do it right the first time and choose Infinity from Marvin – Built for Life!




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