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Energy efficient windows are an essential consideration for both new and existing home

Tired of the heat already?  Your window plays a considerable role in the volume of heat that gains entry into your home - or that is lost - at any point in time. This is why it is crucial that you are aware of the enormous consequences of having builder grade windows installed in your home.  The beauty of having new energy-efficient windows adequately selected and installed is that they can significantly help to improve window performance in your home as well as help minimize unnecessary heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Windows


Improves Energy and Cost Savings

These windows have glass that doesn't perform as well as they could thus allowing more radiant heat along with dangerous UV and infrared rays. Aside from the unwanted heat gain (in the summer months) or heat loss (in the winter months), they also require you to spend extra (unbudgeted money) to have the air conditioning system, swamp cooler, attic fan, or regular fans always running.  This saves on electricity.

With our energy efficient windows, glass technology makes it possible for you to have super energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings.  This reduces the higher solar heat gain, without compromising the design, view, or the amount of daylight that comes in.

Reasons for Home Energy Loss

More so, these windows have special coatings that can save you the additional cost of having to frequently replace your bleached-out fabrics, floors, art and other materials in your home that are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Our energy efficient windows are eco-friendly and are great at helping you to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. This is so because the power that you save would have been spent creating greenhouse gases. Helping to eliminate this excess power usage, therefore, is a great way to conserve energy, and ultimately reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Enhances Your Home’s Thermal Equilibrium

Energy efficient windows characteristically have an excellent thermal resistance because of the Low E coatings on the glass. The more reason why your home will not get heated up by exposure to direct sunlight. You can always rest assured that your home’s thermal interior can be maintained at comfortable levels away from the scorching Colorado sun. With hot weather, it’s time to stay cool.

Low E 366 Glass

In the Southwest, air conditioning units need to run nonstop in order to keep houses cool and comfortable. Under such conditions, the right kind of glass can make a big difference. A case study conducted in Roseville, California, proved that Cardinal’s LoĒ² glass maintains comfortable homes while saving energy.

Two identical houses were compared. One was equipped with clear double pane and another using LoĒ² glass. The results concluded that the house equipped with LoĒ² glass showed a 25% reduction in cooling energy and 10% savings in heating energy. Also, the air conditioning unit used ran 1/3 fewer hours compared to the one used in the test house using regular low-e glass.


Improved Lighting and View

New fiberglass windows with low-E coatings, serve as the perfect replacement solution to the traditional tinted glazing or shades on your windows to reduce solar radiation. These windows are great at protecting your home from unwanted heat without obstructing your views or the amount of daylight that penetrates your home interiors.

Costs for Energy-Efficient Options

Replacement windows with Low E coatings have now become a standard feature. On average, the cost of having these windows installed cannot be said to be expensive, particularly when you consider the enormous costs that are incurred when you don’t. This is one of the features that will increase the value of your window.

Summer Window Replacement

Caution: U-Factor Rating for Windows 

You do not want to get caught up in a situation where you have purchased windows according to the U-factor of the glass and have ignored the material of the window frame itself.  This is why it is important that you always keep in mind that the U-factor of any energy efficient window could refer to the energy efficiency of the glass alone, not the entire window. In many cases, the frames are not as energy efficient as the glass.  This is why we prefer fiberglass for the window frame.



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