Signet Fiberglass Entry Door by ProVia


Signet Fiberglass Entry Doors by ProVia raise the bar for fiberglass entry door systems. The woodgrain and embossing are meant to look like real wood. These doors are available in Cherry, Mahogany, and Oak skins.

Structurally, the Signet fiberglass door is far superior to traditional fiberglass doors. The hinge and strike stiles are a robust 258" and 414" respectively, and are dovetailed to the top and bottom rails forming an integrated frame, ensuring unmatched strength and durability.

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New Entry Doors Offer Great ROI

The warm look and feel of wood with the low-maintenance benefits of fiberglass. Find out why Therma-Tru is the most preferred brand of entry doors among building Professionals

Always Make A Grand Entrance

Find out why Therma-Tru is the most preferred brand of exterior doors among building professionals.  View our wide range of complete fiberglass door systems – engineered for performance – with thousands of choices in door styles, decorative glass and components. 

It’s your decision, by design.

Discover Pulse. Pulse is fun and easy to mix and match.From vintage style to modern appeal, make a bold statementwith your choice of door, glass and lite frame. Discover thepossibilities.

Every climate calls for Tru-Defense

A Therma-Tru® fiberglass entry or patio doorwith Tru-Defense enhances performance withcomponents engineered to work together to betterresist the damaging effects of air and moistureinfiltration. And it’s backed by a warranty rider.

See what a difference a door makes.

Remodeling trend brings the indoors out


If your 2015 to-do list includes buying a fixer-upper, updating your house to sell, or upgrading your home for your own enjoyment, some of the top remodeling trends to expect this year follows.

Not sure if a home remodel is the right choice for you? The 2015 Cost vs Value Report from Remodeling Magazine advises, “homeowners should do whatever home projects they want if they plan to remain in their homes for five years or longer.”

Homeowners shouldn’t worry what the return on investment of a kitchen is if they are not going to move for a decade.


Outdoor living spaces are one of the top trends in home improvements right now. Comstock images photo

Spa-inspired bathrooms
According to the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association, “2015 bathrooms should be three things: contemporary, spa-like and accessible.”
“Showers with seats and safety grab-bars, and low- or zero-barrier walk-in showers are becoming more popular in baby boomer homes,” say the experts at DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Remodeling. “In-shower seating and safety bars are no longer considered taboo.”
The experts at DreamMaker advise that large format tiles, river rock pebbles and wood-inspired tiles will create a soothing, spa-like bathroom in 2015.

Flush appliance installation
“Kitchen designs will incorporate more flush appliance installations in 2015,” says Nancy Dalton, owner of design/build firm Baywolf Dalton Inc. in Seattle.
A flush appliance installation is where the face of the oven or fridge is flush with the case of a cabinet.
“This new style of installation is very clean; only products developed for flush installations are appropriate. Several higher-end manufacturers offer products, such as convection steam ovens, constructed for this kind of installation,” Dalton says.

Multi-generational design
“The more expensive institutional care becomes, the more we’ll build and remodel for older generations to live with their children in in-law suites, additions or secondary structures,” say Mark & Theresa Clement, designers, contractors and co-hosts of the “MyFixitUpLife” home, decor and DIY radio show in Philadelphia.

Fully functional outdoor living spaces
This year “will be the year of outdoor living spaces,” says Jim Saxon, president of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty. “Home buyers are looking for large outdoor gathering spaces that have high-end features, such as stone fire pits and outdoor kitchens.”
The Clements anticipate that as indoor comforts like electronics and appliance become more affordable, this affordability will also become more of the norm for outdoor items.
“Expect 2015 to see design and remodeling to make the outdoors a real ‘room’ in the house,” they say.

Affordable sustainability and technology
What used to be considered a luxury such as sustainable living features and state-of-the-art technology, are now becoming mainstream and will be much more accessible in 2015.
The Clements say, “LED lighting is only getting cheaper. The upcoming generation of homebuyers has sustainability in their DNA and will want it in their homes. It will increasingly take the form of everything from wood decks to more trees in the landscape.”
“Technology, from security systems to full home automation, has become integral in homes,” says Ryan Perrone, president of Nautilus Homes. “Lighting control has been around for a long time, however it is now much more affordable.”

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Gravina’s Window Center Blog
Home and Garden 2015
Denver, CO

Look for Bold, Bright Entry Doors in 2014

Therma-Tru partnered with color expert Kate Smith to take a look at where entryway design is going in 2014.

By: Lauren Hunter
Brad Feinknopf

When your professional title is “chief color maven,” you know a thing or two about color theory and trends. Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color is one such maven, and has worked with Therma-Tru to identify color trends that could easily punch up an entryway. Therma-Tru manufactures paintable doors in their Classic-Craft, Pulse, and Canvas Collections.

“There are two trends I see influencing front door colors for 2014,” Smith says. “First, there’s the trend of people painting their doors with exuberant hues as a way of telling the world they’re tired of spinning their wheels in place. These people are ready to move forward, embrace challenges, and show their energy through vibrant colors like Capri blue and dynamo raspberry.

“The other trend is that some people are seeking colors that are vibrant, yet at the same time connect us to a sense of community and culture. These simpler colors, like classic French gray and polished mahogany, give us comfort, warmth, and reliability.”

Using the latest color offerings from Sherwin-Williams, Smith identified five hues gaining popularity in 2014 that match the “exuberant homeowner” trend, and another five tailored to the culture and community mindset.

Exhuberant Homeowner

Capri: A tropical blue that wakes up natural woods and neutral surroundings, and adds a splash of energy on an entry door.

Dynamo: A flirty violet hue instantly updates a traditional exterior color scheme to something much trendier.

Quixotic Plum:

Find a balance of trendy and timeless with this sophisticated deep purple on an entryway. (Shown in top photo)

Relic Bronze: 
This deep mustard brown reflects aged beauty on a home and is an unexpected addition to exterior color combinations.
Raucous Orange: 

This vibrant color demands attention with its energetic orange tone and makes the perfect punctuation point for the front of a modern home.

Culture & Community

Classic French Gray: Stepping out of the shadows to stand on its own, this cool, neutral gray continues to trend in design.

Georgian Bay:Brighter and more moving than dark navy, this reserved blue sends a trusted and welcoming message.

Gulfstream: This bright, modern blue stays rooted in a nostalgic time, while still giving a fresh feel to an entryway.

Polished Mahogany: This deep, rich shade has a staying power that helps anchor a home.
Show Stopper: 
A slight spin on traditional red, this color warmly welcomes people to a home while adding a touch of mystery.

Editor’s Note: Sherwin-Williams colors were selected for this project for the purpose of working within the color offerings of a single brand, rather than trying to curate selections from throughout the color industry. There is no professional or reciprocal relationship between Therma-Tru and Sherwin-Williams, or Kate Smith and Sherwin-Williams.

Lauren Hunter is chief editor of products for Hanley Wood. 

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