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More than Just an Inclusion to Your Home’s Architectural Design

Tired of the heat already?  Your window plays a huge role in the volume of heat that gains entry into your home, or that is lost, at any point in time. This is why it is important that you are aware of the enormous consequences of having poor quality windows installed in your home. Not only do they serve as a major source of unwanted heat gain (in the summer months) or heat loss (in the winter months), they also require you to spend extra (unbudgeted money, sometimes) to have the air conditioning system running overtime, to keep your home temperature cool.

As a matter of fact, with our Infinity from Marvin Replacement window, there is technology that makes it possible for you to have super energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings, thus helping to reduce the typical solar heat gain, without compromising the design, view or the amount of daylight that comes in.

Amazing Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Windows

Improves Energy and Cost Savings

The beauty of having these energy-efficient windows properly selected and installed is that they can significantly help to improve window performance in your home as well as help minimize unnecessary heating, cooling and lighting costs.

Reasons for Home Energy Loss

More so, these windows have special coatings that can save you the additional cost of having to frequently replace your bleached-out fabrics, floors, art and other materials in your home that are directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows are eco-friendly and are great at helping you to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. This is so because the power that you save would have been spent creating greenhouse gases. Helping to eliminate this excess power usage, therefore, is a great way to conserve energy, and ultimately reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Enhances Your Home’s Thermal Equilibrium

Energy efficient windows characteristically have a great thermal resistance by virtue of the Low E coatings on the glass. The more reason why your home will not get heated up by exposure to direct sunlight. You can always be rest assured that your home’s thermal interior can be maintained at comfortable levels away from the scorching Colorado sun. With summer here, it’s time to stay cool.

Low E 366 Glass

In the Southwest, air conditioning units need to run nonstop in order to keep houses cool and comfortable. Under such conditions, the right kind of glass can make a big difference. A case study conducted in Roseville, California, proved that Cardinal’s LoĒ² glass maintains comfortable homes while saving energy.

Two identical houses were compared. One was equipped with clear double pane and another using LoĒ² glass. The results concluded that the house equipped with LoĒ² glass showed a 25% reduction in cooling energy and 10% savings in heating energy. Also, the air conditioning unit used ran 1/3 fewer hours compared to the one used in the test house using regular low-e glass.


Improved Lighting and View

New fiberglass windows with low-E coatings, serve as the perfect replacement solution to the traditional tinted glazing or shades on your windows to reduce solar radiation. These energy efficient windows are great at protecting your home from unwanted heat without obstructing your views or the amount of daylight that penetrates your home interiors.

Costs for Energy-Efficient Options

Replacement windows with Low E coatings have now become a standard feature of many new home builds and window replacements. On the average, the cost of having these windows installed cannot be said to be expensive, particularly when you consider the enormous costs that are incurred when you don’t. These are, however, some features that will increase the value of your window.

Summer Window Replacement

Caution: U-Factor Rating for Windows 

You do not want to get caught up in a situation where you have purchased windows according to the U-factor of the glass and have ignored the material of the window frame itself. This is why it is important that you always keep in mind that the U-factor of any energy efficient window could refer to the energy efficiency of the glass alone or the entire window. In many cases, however, the frames are not usually as energy efficient as the glass.  This is why we prefer fiberglass for the window frame.

Need a Reliable Summer Window Replacement?

At Gravina’s, we it’s going to be hot this summer throughout the Denver area. With over 40 years of industry experience in window replacement, we are always glad to recommend the best product for your home and cooling needs.  Infinity from Marvin replacement windows and doors are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and divided lite patterns, all designed to fit your personal style. Visit Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton today, to learn more about all the options available or contact us for a free quote.

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Energy Efficiency Learning

Read about energy audits here

DIY Network's home improvement series Bath Crashers

Mile High Makeover | Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton on TV Show ‘Bath Crashers’

DENVER, CO, October 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton has worked with the popular home improvement show Bath Crashers on a large bathroom remodel that included Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows.

The DIY Network was on a mission to crash and trash a Denver, Colorado bathroom. Similar to the popular House Crashers and Yard Crashers series, crasher Matt Muenster ambushes homeowners while they’re home improvement shopping. When he identifies the ultimate bathroom challenge, he follows the lucky homeowner home and totally overhauls a bathroom in need of repair.

Who better than Gravina’s Window Center to handle the window replacement side of the remodel for Bath Crashers. In back to back episodes of the show Gravina’s of Littleton replaced the windows in “Mile High Ceiling” and “Mile High Makeover.”

Quick episode synopsis:

“Mile High Ceiling” – This bathroom is too big, ugly and tacky for these homeowners. To tackle their bathroom nightmare, they call upon Bath Crashers to create a modern masterpiece for the space. They gut it down to the studs and re-build the room with function and style. The walk-in shower is now big enough for two with seven fixtures and music. The freestanding tub is art and sits in front of an ethanol-burning fireplace. The materials are the perfect combination of rustic meets modern with three-dimensional tiled walls and dark hardwood on the floor that are given new light with several floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Mile High Makeover” – Making this space a real retreat starts with trashing the tub that takes up half the room. In its place is a large, unique, steam shower featuring pebbles on the floor, sleek glass tiles on the back wall, and multi-colored blue octagonal tiles on the front wall to produce a rain drop effect. The entire shower space is accessed from glass doors on each side. The shower floor pebbles flow outside the wet area to form a faux moat with LED lighting, then segues into planks of hand-scraped eucalyptus wood flooring for the remainder of the room. The shower is flanked on each side by storage cabinets with a special make-up mirror and hidden bench seat for her. Across from the storage cabinets sit his and hers furniture-style vanities with curved drawers and granite tops with built-in sinks. Clear glass pendants are suspend above each. The ceiling is layered with planks of reclaimed white-washed wood veneer, and a large window is set to provide a beautiful vista of the Rocky Mountains.

Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton has been in business in the Denver Metro area for over 40 years. Gravina’s has Marvin Certified installers as well. As far as the windows supplied for the episode, Gravina’s is the Top Dealer of Infinity Fiberglass Windows by Marvin. Marvin is a family owned corporation and has been around for over 100 years. Marvin and Gravina’s make a powerful combo when it came to energy efficient windows. Using Gravina’s for the Bath Crashers’ episodes in Denver, Colorado was a no brainer.

If you haven’t seen the episodes check your local listings and check out Bath Crashers, on the DIY Network. You may see some high altitude remodeling.



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Oldest Infinity Window Dealer in the Nation

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Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton is the oldest Infinity dealer in the country.  We couldn't be prouder of that and our customers know firsthand we take their window replacement very seriously.  We only trust Marvin for fiberglass windows in Colorado.  Infinity is part of the Marvin Windows and Doors Family of Brands.  

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Top National Dealer for Infinity Windows from Marvin
Top National Dealer for Infinity Windows from Marvin

As Colorado’s oldest Infinity dealer,  Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton could not have accomplished this without all our loyal customers.  Thank you!  And to all our employees, thank you for your hard work and dedication.  This demonstrates our dedication to installing the best quality windows at the absolute best value.

Who makes the best fiberglass replacement windows?


Built with Ultrex® fiberglass, Infinity windows and doors are the perfect choice for any remodeling or replacement project. They’re tough, beautiful and extremely durable.

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Denver Fiberglass windows from Gravina's Window Cente

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Denver Fiberglass windows from Gravina's Window Cente

Built with Ultrex® fiberglass, Infinity windows and doors are the perfect choices for any remodeling or replacement project. They’re tough, beautiful and extremely durable.

These are the facts:  Ultrex Fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than composites. That’s as tough as steel. So when a house settles and time marches on, Infinity replacement windows stay true and resist sagging—proving that they’re truly the best fiberglass window on the market.

Ultrex fiberglass gives homeowners windows and doors that are...

• Low Maintenance – Ultrex performs beautifully for years to come, with a finish that requires virtually no maintenance.

• Energy Efficient – Ultrex’s minimal thermal conductivity serves as a built-in insulated barrier against the elements – reducing heating and cooling costs.

• ENERGY STAR® certified – The Energy Department estimates that by installing ENERGY STAR-rated products, the average U.S. household can reduce its annual energy bill by 15 percent.

• Environmentally Friendly – Ultrex takes less energy to create – about 80 percent less than aluminum and about 40 percent less than vinyl. Also, it’s made mostly of glass, which is made from sand and gravel – a plentiful resource.

• Beautifully Designed – Made by wood window experts at Marvin, Integrity features traditional profiles and details that are more attractive than the “flat” appearance of other materials. Ultrex ensures it will stay beautiful for years to come.



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We think it goes without saying that Infinity windows, made from Ultrex fiberglass, are the best fiberglass windows on the market.


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Contact your us today to schedule an in-home consultation and don’t forget to ask about Marvin's patented Ultrex fiberglass!  Call 303-794-0490