How Strong is Ultrex?

How Strong Is Ultrex Fiberglass?

That's a tough question to answer but it doesn't stop us from trying!  Infinity replacement windows and doors are built from Ultrex fiberglass, a tough, rigid material that delivers outstanding finish and performance. They'll never leave you and your construction, remodeling or replacement project hanging. You won't find a stronger window on the market. Not only is it 8x more rigid than vinyl, just one inch of Ultrex can hold up to 34,000 pounds!

Our Windows Are 8X Stronger Than Vinyl

Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows are 800% stronger than vinyl and 300% stronger than composite windows. Don’t make the blunder of selecting vinyl windows that will eventually have to be replaced. Experience the beauty, coziness, and security of Infinity Windows for as long as you own your home. Do it right the first time and choose Infinity from Marvin – Built for Life!


Marvin Infinity Replacement Windows Video

Ultrex Replacement Windows Finish

Ultrex Finish – We have put Ultrex, the pultruded fiberglass material used to make Infinity’s products, through a series of rigorous tests. The results are in, proving that Infinity products are not only tough enough for the roughest jobsite conditions, but also Mother Nature. This means happy homeowners and fewer call-backs.

Infinity from Marvin independent retailers are hand selected for their expertise and decades of experience in your local market. Infinity retailers live and work in your communities, and will treat you like a neighbor.
-Exclusively at Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton Colorado

2014 Cost Vs. Value Denver Report

Window Cost Vs Value Report in Front Range

MidrangeMountainDenver, CO
Attic Bedroom$47,266$39,11383.0%$48,664$46,25395.0%
Backup Power Generator$11,454$6,29855.0%$11,717$6,57456.1%
Basement Remodel$59,808$48,42681.0%$62,131$49,08279.0%
Bathroom Addition$36,604$20,52756.0%$37,646$18,53449.2%
Bathroom Remodel$15,393$9,84464.0%$15,894$9,45659.5%
Deck Addition (composite)$15,113$10,92372.0%$15,322$11,40174.4%
Deck Addition (wood)$9,300$7,51081.0%$9,556$8,13385.1%
Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass)$2,792$1,96570.0%$2,810$1,71461.0%
Entry Door Replacement (steel)$1,133$99488.0%$1,148$91980.1%
Family Room Addition$77,193$52,13468.0%$79,592$69,68887.6%
Garage Addition$48,573$32,38667.0%$49,405$32,98966.8%
Garage Door Replacement$1,485$1,19080.0%$1,523$1,16476.0%
Home Office Remodel$27,023$12,67647.0%$27,839$12,47644.8%
Major Kitchen Remodel$53,170$38,15672.0%$54,394$40,42674.3%
Master Suite Addition$99,375$63,66364.0%$101,608$75,35874.0%
Minor Kitchen Remodel$18,215$14,44879.0%$18,606$15,54383.5%
Roofing Replacement$17,888$11,58565.0%$18,499$12,46867.4%
Siding Replacement (vinyl)$10,986$8,72379.0%$11,312$9,00079.6%
Sunroom Addition$71,269$34,42448.0%$72,584$41,33056.9%
Two-Story Addition$150,546$103,93969.0%$153,017$136,71389.3%
Window Replacement (vinyl)$9,680$7,29875.0%$9,862$8,10082.1%
Window Replacement (wood)$10,599$8,12477.0%$10,816$8,63279.8%
UpscaleMountainDenver, CO
Bathroom Addition$70,217$42,23160.0%$71,628$40,85757.0%
Bathroom Remodel$50,026$30,30561.0%$50,841$30,84360.7%
Deck Addition (composite)$34,028$22,31666.0%$34,740$21,76062.6%
Garage Addition$79,716$45,84258.0%$81,248$51,94563.9%
Garage Door Replacement$2,731$2,25583.0%$2,793$2,47988.8%
Grand Entrance (fiberglass)$7,201$4,87368.0%$7,255$5,43875.0%
Major Kitchen Remodel$107,524$65,23461.0%$109,127$77,13771.0%
Master Suite Addition$218,440$124,61857.0%$221,746$146,38266.0%
Roofing Replacement$30,973$19,83064.0%$30,269$21,92372.4%
Siding Replacement (fiber-cement)$12,788$11,85793.0%$13,250$13,560102.3%
Siding Replacement (foam-backed vinyl)$13,720$11,44583.0%$14,028$12,35888.1%
Window Replacement (vinyl)$13,151$9,87775.0%$13,270$10,68680.5%
Window Replacement (wood)$16,511$12,11473.0%$16,682$12,97577.8%

Using the Cost vs Value Report to educate homeowners on budget/cost

Introducing EverWood from Marvin Windows

Natural Wood Interior
EverWood Interior

Windows with the look, the warmth, the color of real wood

Gravina's Window Center of Littleton is Proud to Offer EverWood

Wood windows have adorned homes for centuries, and they were built initially by craftsmen with an artisans touch.  Now
modern-day wood windows continue to convey that sense of hand craftsmanship and are often selected for their traditional detail and their ability to be stained. When you stain a real wood window that adds warmth, beauty, and charm to a home.  Upholding that charm and beauty long term is going to require periodic care and preservation.

No More Wood Maintenance

Introducing EverWood, Infinity's engineered interior wood grain finish that looks feels, paints and stains like wood, yet is virtually no maintenance. It's natural beauty compliments any interior woodwork in your home.  Get all the benefits of a wood window in an unrivaled, durable replacement window by Infinity from Marvin.