Is there any advantage to ordering pre-finished wood windows?

The most important advantage is in the quality and consistency of the finish

Most of the time we at Gravina’s sell fiberglass windows.  When it comes to wood windows, some homeowners may wonder if there is any advantage to ordering pre-finished windows, since they could conceivably do the finishing themselves. But a factory-finished window has many advantages for both contractors and their customers.

The most important advantage is in the quality and consistency of the finish. The factory has an edge over those applying finishes in the field because the wood can be painted, stained, or sealed, before the window is even assembled. All of the parts get protected, even in places that become less accessible after the window is built. The finish is even and consistent in color and thickness in a way that’s difficult to match under any changing conditions on site. None of the liquid finishing material ever comes near the glass, so no paint or sealant needs to be removed and the glass is pristine and framed with a clean, precise edge.

Moreover, the homeowner can see and approve the color and finish before the windows are installed. And because the materials used have a track record of performing well in window applications, both contractors and their customers can have peace of mind that the windows will last long and deliver the highest quality performance and appearance. Factory-finished windows are already protected against the weather from the moment they arrive on the jobsite. In the unlikely event there is a problem with the finish, it can be identified before the window is installed, and brought to the attention of the manufacturer, thereby eliminating an expensive callback. .

Pre-finished windows can help with construction schedules as well. The application of several coats of stain and sealant can stretch out for days, or even weeks, if inclement weather arises. Using a pre-finished window system can help contractors meet deadlines and avoid penalties for delays in completion.

Quality, speed, and peace of mind are valuable properties in any construction product, and worth the consideration of any smart contractor.



Boulder Home and Garden Fair is now May 16th


Due to possible rain this coming weekend the Boulder Home and Garden Fair has been moved to May 16th!

 7th Annual Boulder Home & Garden Fair

May 16, 2014

Held at the Twenty Ninth Street Retail District each spring, the Boulder Home & Garden Fair offers an extensive array of ideas, inspiration and innovation to improve your living environments. 60+ vendors including local builders, landscape and garden specialists, an array of home improvement and green living experts, and unique product vendors. HOME IMPROVEMENT EXPERTS With the Fair’s experts you’ll transform your home with inspiration and ideas for home design, decorating, home improvement, and more. SUSTAINABLE LIVING EXPERTS Chat with the best! Our local energy and sustainable living experts are leading the nation in innovation. LANDSCAPE & GARDEN EXPERTS Just in time for spring planting! Hire a professional or simply get advice. These experts will green up your landscapes in more ways than one. PRODUCT VENDORS Lively product demonstrations, free samples and a variety wares for sale: plants & flowers, unique garden containers, gourmet sauces, home decor items, tree houses & more! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Rollin Greens Gourmet Food Truck on site! Local musical acts playing LIVE music all day! PLUS: fun for the kids with an alpaca petting zoo, amazing playhouses on display, balloons and more!

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