Introducing LoĒ-366 Glass for windows

Double-pane windows become triple-pane performers

Introducing Loå-i89™, our new energy-saving 4th surface coated glass. It offers more light transmittance and less reflectance than Loå-i81. And it’s now available in annealed making it less expensive. Yet it still delivers a center of glass U-Factor of just 0.20 when coupled with our Loå³ or Loå² glass and argon fill in a double-pane unit.

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"The advantages are more than clear."

Meets today’s strictest energy efficiency guidelines.

With a center of glass U-Factor of only 0.20 (0.23 without argon) and SHGC of just 0.25, an insulating glass unit with Loå³-366 and Loå-i89 meets the most stringent energy standards – without going to a triple-pane unit. This allows you to offer more double-pane window options that can meet the proposed ENERGY STAR guidelines everywhere in the country.

Our enhanced performance glass …is even more enhanced.

There’s no need to go to triple-pane windows to meet the various energy-saving guidelines. No need to invest in redesigning your windows and altering your manufacturing processes either. A double-pane IG unit with LoĒ-i89 can meet the guidelines.


Double-Pane, Clear, Air0.48
Double-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, Argon0.24
Double-Pane w/LoĒ³-366 and LoĒ-i89, Air0.23
Double-Pane w/LoĒ³-366 and LoĒ-i89, Argon0.20
7/8″ IG UNIT
Triple-Pane, Clear0.37
Triple-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, Argon0.25
Triple-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, LoĒ-180, Argon0.20
Triple-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, LoĒ-180, LoĒ-i89, Argon0.17


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