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From Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows:
“Infinity Replacement Windows monitors customer feedback to identify and recognize dealers that share our goal of complete customer satisfaction.  Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton has displayed industry leading expertise in customer education, product installation, customer support, and customer satisfaction.
All of us at Infinity Replacement Windows sincerely appreciate our relationship with you and your organization.  As family run businesses, we share the same vision of taking care of our customers, our employees, and our communities.
We wish Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton continued success in the coming year, and look forward to working with you to bring homeowners the very best window and door replacement experience.”
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Efficient Windows Collaborative Website Offers Expanded, Updated Features

Last year, over 200,000 people turned to the Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) website for accurate, unbiased information on window energy performance. This spring, the Collaborative released a new version of the website, which includes updated  and detailed window selection tools.

Importance of Efficient Windows

Unlike choosing many other high efficiency products or components, the energy efficiency of a window will depend on the home’s location and the orientation of the window on the house, among other factors. Importantly, different energy performance features are desirable in different climates—the window that provides the best performance in one location and orientation, may not in a different location or orientation.  Windows play an important role in a home’s energy performance. In areas that require primarily heating, efficient windows can prevent significant heat loss, and in areas that require primarily cooling, efficient windows can prevent substantial heat gain. Not only do more energy-efficient windows save money on heating and cooling, but in doing so they can also allow for a much smaller HVAC system, improve home comfort (primarily through reducing drafts), and reduce condensation. The Efficient Windows Collaborative has more detailed information on the benefits of efficient windows.

Updated Window Selection Tool

The new release of the tool updated the information on window energy performance with additional window options and new performance data, and expanded the information to include analysis of each window type’s comfort and condensation. The EWC relied on Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s RESFEN 6 for the updated data. The tool also now considers window area, shading, and orientation, which increases the accuracy of the recommendations and savings estimates.The EWC Window Selection Tool for
 new construction and replacement windows takes user input on the home’s location, orientation, and window shading to provide information on the energy performance, comfort, and condensation provided by various window types. The tool provides estimates of annual energy costs associated with the window types, broken apart by heating and cooling. The cost information also helps consumers request and evaluate estimates by quantifying the impact different choices will have on their home’s operating costs.

The Efficient Windows Collaborative

The EWC works to advance the selection of high efficiency windows and skylights as a coalition of window, skylight, and component manufacturers in addition to industry stakeholders and other affiliates. Members include some of the largest manufacturers in the industry such as Andersen Windows & Doors, Pella Corporation, Ply Gem, and Marvin Windows and Doors, among others. The Collaborative is jointly administered by the Alliance to Save Energy and the University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Building Research.

The EWC plays an important role in helping consumers understand window energy performance features and metrics by translating product data into understandable, actionable and scientifically grounded window performance information and recommendations. 

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5 Point Proof Comparison


We are happy to answer your replacement window questions, but we want to go one step better. We’ll show you the proof behind those answers; the reasons why Infinity from Marvin® is your best choice in replacement windows. Our windows meet and exceed the most stringent standards, but we know they must still meet an even higher standard: yours.

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Having served the Greater Metro area for over thirty five years, Gravina’s Window Center is a well-established company consistently recognized for outstanding service in FIBERGLASS window and door replacements.



KEVIN O’CONNOR, Host of this old house

Kevin O’Connor is the host of the award winning series This Old House and Ask This Old House. He is currently in his tenth season and also serves on the editorial board of This Old House Magazine.  In 2010 Kevin also began hosting his third series called This New House, which airs on the DIY network. In September 2011 Kevin published his first book, The Best Homes of This Old House.

Prior to his television career Kevin practiced finance and most recently was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America in the Commercial Real Estate Group. The balance of his finance career began in 1999 with BankBoston and subsequently FleetBoston in the Sports Finance Group. Kevin received his MBA from Boston University and his BA from The College of the Holy Cross. Kevin lives north of Boston with his wife and three children.


Josh Flagg likes setting records. Within the first four years of his career, Josh participated in four record sales, three of which were in Beverly Hills. He grew up on the Westside and graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 2004, jumping right into high-end residential real estate. Josh had the choice to either join the family business, which owns and develops shopping centers, or go a different direction. He chose a different direction Josh is also one of the stars of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing

“He pampers his clients…” said one local Realtor, “In a way I have never seen beforeand I’ve been in the business for 25 years. I’ve seen Josh send chauffeured cars to his clients’ homes and send his clients up in helicopters to view properties. The best thing I have seen Josh do, though, was wrap an entire house in a big red bow before delivering the keys to the new owners. He is very creative, and that is why he is so successful. In Josh’s mind, there are no limitations.” 


Introducing LoĒ-366 Glass for windows

Double-pane windows become triple-pane performers

Introducing Loå-i89™, our new energy-saving 4th surface coated glass. It offers more light transmittance and less reflectance than Loå-i81. And it’s now available in annealed making it less expensive. Yet it still delivers a center of glass U-Factor of just 0.20 when coupled with our Loå³ or Loå² glass and argon fill in a double-pane unit.

"The advantages are more than clear."

Meets today’s strictest energy efficiency guidelines.

With a center of glass U-Factor of only 0.20 (0.23 without argon) and SHGC of just 0.25, an insulating glass unit with Loå³-366 and Loå-i89 meets the most stringent energy standards – without going to a triple-pane unit. This allows you to offer more double-pane window options that can meet the proposed ENERGY STAR guidelines everywhere in the country.

Our enhanced performance glass …is even more enhanced.

There’s no need to go to triple-pane windows to meet the various energy-saving guidelines. No need to invest in redesigning your windows and altering your manufacturing processes either. A double-pane IG unit with LoĒ-i89 can meet the guidelines.


Double-Pane, Clear, Air0.48
Double-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, Argon0.24
Double-Pane w/LoĒ³-366 and LoĒ-i89, Air0.23
Double-Pane w/LoĒ³-366 and LoĒ-i89, Argon0.20
7/8″ IG UNIT
Triple-Pane, Clear0.37
Triple-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, Argon0.25
Triple-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, LoĒ-180, Argon0.20
Triple-Pane w/LoĒ³-366, LoĒ-180, LoĒ-i89, Argon0.17


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