“Smart House” Gets a Boost

Dubbed the “responsive house” in 1975, the concept was promoted as the Smart House for decades by the NAHB. After every Builder’s Show, when a new Smart House demonstration home was revealed, it was met with much intrigue, and perhaps a little skepticism. JLC kept tabs on the trend (for example: “Smart House Sweepstakes,” Jan. 1988;    “Home Automation Update,” Feb. 1992   and  “Smart House: They’d Do It Again, But …,” Jan. 1993), but it wasn’t until the Internet matured, and after smart phones became ubiquitous, that the concept seems to be closing in on those often-hyped expectations.

  1. Google is making the biggest push into the latest incarnation, now dubbed the “connected home,” other big companies are positioning themselves in this burgeoning market, as well. According to Jenna Wortham in the New York Times, big players including Time Warner Cable and AT&T offer connected home systems, and Staples, the office-supply chain, is selling light bulbs and other products that can be controlled by a smart-phone application.  Apple has also jumped into the game by securing patents for a line of “iHome” products, which will reportedly enable the iPhone to control home devices.

The right network (the Internet) and the right device (the smart phone) are finally making all those Smart House dreams come true. Wortham reports the connected home products market could grow to $40 billion within five to seven years.

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Finishing Your Basement? Remodeling Your Home? READ THIS!

Some people are familiar with egress windows while others have no idea what I’m talking about. It is a rather dry subject but very important for safety purposes. Although National Window Safety Week has passed, Gravina’s Window Center wanted to take the opportunity to touch on such an important topic.

First off, what exactly is an egress window? To put it in understandable English, an egress window is a window that is required in specific locations to provide an emergency means of exiting or entering a dwelling. These windows must meet size requirements in order to qualify as egress.

According to the International Residential Code, there are four size requirements in order for windows to qualify. Keep in mind, these size requirements are put in to place so an adult can exit or enter the opening in emergency situations. Below are the most up to date egress window requirements.

  • Minimum height of 24 inches
  • Minimum width of 20 inches
  • Maximum sill height above the floor of 44 inches
  • Minimum net opening of 5.4 square feet

In addition to the above size requirements, the window must be operational from the inside without tools. Gravina’s Window Center suggests either double hung or casement Infinity by Marvin replacement windows. They are easily operated and can be opened in a hurry.

There are other requirements that get into much more detail. If you have any questions, please call the office or stop by the showroom in Littleton. One of our knowledgeable sales team members would be happy to help answer any questions you may have about your upcoming project.