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President of Marvin Windows and Doors, Paul Marvin

Paul Marvin has been promoted to president of Marvin Windows and Doors.


The 41-year-old is one of 11 fourth-generation Marvin family members vigorously working in the business today. He’s held a range of positions in the Warroad-based window company, including vice president of sales for the past three years.

“Paul has strong leadership skills and has proven his abilities over the years working at Marvin,” Jake Marvin said in a news release. “In his current role as VP of Sales, he has demonstrated that he has emotional intelligence as well as the ability to take charge, create alignment, empower others and build a sense of team — characteristics of a great leader. The entire Marvin family and the board are extremely supportive of this promotion for Paul as we know he has the skills and knowledge to lead this company into the future.”

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Is it time to start using fiberglass replacement windows in your home?

"High Fiber"

Michael Anschel is not a fan of vinyl windows, but he loves wood. “Wood requires very little additional energy to manipulate,” says the principal of Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build in Minneapolis. “It is stored carbon, it can be easily handled when its useful life has ended, and it is beautiful.”

But if Anschel had to compromise, he would go with fiberglass.

“I feel better about fiberglass,” Anschel says. “The expansion and contraction of the frame material and the glass are closer, so durability is increased. They are more stable overall, and failures seem less likely.”

Fiberglass windows have been around for a while, but in recent years the product has achieved a higher profile. Because of the many benefits, manufacturers say it’s the perfect material for windows.

“The superior characteristics of fiberglass that make our lives mobile, safer, and convenient are the same qualities that contribute to making a solid, long-lasting window,” says Dave Koester, wood and fiberglass products brand manager at Medford, Wis.–based Weather Shield Windows & Doors. “It’s energy efficient, durable, and doesn’t become brittle. It’s also resistant to water, scratches, dents, and corrosion.”

Strength is one of the most oft-reported benefits of fiberglass. Warroad, Minn.–based Marvin Windows and Doors says its Integrity brand of Ultrex fiberglass windows is as strong as steel and is eight times stronger than vinyl. “In fact, it’s so tough, we have to use diamond-edged blades just to cut it to size,” the company says.

infinity from marvin fiberglass

Fiberglass also is a good energy-efficiency option. The Energy Department says fiberglass windows have air cavities similar to vinyl and when “these cavities are filled with insulation, they offer superior thermal performance compared to wood or vinyl.”

So if fiberglass windows are so great, why aren’t they more popular? Cost might be the main reason.

“Because of its durability, fiberglass is the most expensive window material on the market,” says the Seattle-based window dealer Keystone Windows and Doors. In other words, manufacturers charge a premium for the material.

Sizes and features are also limited. John Kirchner, public relations manager for Marvin, confirms that there are limitations “due to the strength and durability of the fiberglass making it difficult to bend and shape.” Round tops or radius windows are not possible, he adds.

Still, if you can work around those constraints, fiberglass offers features and attributes that your home buyers will love. Moreover, it has “the benefit of being able to mimic the appearance of wood, which improves consumers’ acceptance of the product,” Anschel says.

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fiberglass replacement windows

5 Point Proof Comparison


We are happy to answer your replacement window questions, but we want to go one step better. We’ll show you the proof behind those answers; the reasons why Infinity from Marvin® is your best choice in replacement windows. Our windows meet and exceed the most stringent standards, but we know they must still meet an even higher standard: yours.

Shut the Door on High Energy Bills

MAUMEE, OHIO – During October’s Energy Awareness Month, experts at Therma-Tru remind homeowners to check their doors at least once a year to make certain the units are not leaking air, which can increase heating and cooling bills. 

“Start by inspecting the weather strip around all sides of every door in your home to make sure it has not worn out,” says Derek Fielding, director of product management for Therma-Tru Corp. “Stand inside near your doors on a bright day and look for daylight coming in through the door’s perimeter. If you see light, that means external air and possibly moisture is coming into your home, reducing the energy efficiency of the door. 

“This can be a simple fix if your foam-filled weatherstrip has lost some of its compression, flattened out or cracked. However, if you’re seeing large gaps, or if the door itself feels hot or cold on the inside reflecting the temperatures outdoors, then it may be time to upgrade to a more energy efficient entry door.” 

Fielding recommends seeking out fiberglass entry doors that are thermally broken, meaning they insulate against both cold and heat. Steel doors can be thermally conductive and result in the transfer of temperatures quickly from the interior to the exterior, and vice versa. 

“Ideally, you’re looking for a fiberglass door system with components that are engineered to work together to help maximize the seal between the door and the frame,” says Fielding. “We follow this principle when creating our Therma-Tru® fiberglass doors so that the systems help keep heating and air conditioning inside the house to help boost the energy efficiency of the home.” 

Another factor that can help keep exterior weather on the outside of the home is the material used for the core of the door. The dense polyurethane foam used in Therma-Tru’s fiberglass doors helps the doors achieve high thermal performance values and the company gain ENERGY STAR® qualifications on 94 percent of its doors. 

“Our solid fiberglass doors offer up to four times the insulation of many solid wood doors due to their thick polyurethane foam core,” says Fielding. “This essentially creates an energy-efficient entrance to the home, helping stabilize interior temperatures.”

According to Fielding, homeowners choosing to add decorative glass to their Therma-Tru fiberglass doors can also count on energy-efficient features. The company’s triple-pane construction of most doorlites and sidelites creates both a strong thermal and acoustical barrier. And, factory-coated Low-E glass, available as an option for clear glass, also delivers exceptional energy efficiency. In cold weather, the Low-E glass helps reduce the loss of heat by reflecting the heat back inside the home. In warm weather, Low-E glass reflects the sun’s rays off of the glass, helping keep the interior of the home cool.

“Given how many doors we typically have in our homes — from the main entry to side and back entrances to garage doors, it’s important to annually review the efficiency of these doors,” says Fielding. “Having doors that are ENERGY STAR qualified and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified can help save homeowners money every day on energy costs.” 

About Therma-Tru

Therma-Tru is the nation’s leading manufacturer and most preferred brand of entryway doors. Founded in 1962, Therma-Tru pioneered the fiberglass entry door industry, and today offers a complete portfolio of entry and patio door system solutions, including decorative glass doorlites, sidelites and transoms, and door components. The company also offers low-maintenance Fypon urethane and PVC products. Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, Therma-Tru is part of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. (NYSE: FBHS).

3 tips for choosing an entry door:

       Tip #1 – If you’re looking for door, be sure to select one made of fiberglass. A solid fiberglass door is up to four times more energy efficient than a solid wood door, plus you get the benefits that fiberglass has to offer, including resistance to rot, rust, dings and weather. Available in an assortment of styles, Therma-Tru® Classic-Craft® doors can come with woodgrain for staining or a smooth surface that can be painted to accent any home design.

        Tip #2 – If you’re replacing an entry door and want one with decorative or privacy glass in the door or sidelites, take time to research your options. Try to select doorlites and sidelites that have triple paned glass, which helps make the entire door more energy efficient. If only a two-paned glass is available, request a Low E coating on the glass that can enhance the energy efficiency of the unit.

  Tip #3 – Reach out and touch your door on both hot and cold days. If you feel the exterior temperatures on the inside surface, then your door may not have adequate insulation and you should consider upgrading it with a replacement that is more energy efficient and has an ENERGY STAR qualified rating for your geographic area.

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